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Lauren Hall

Lauren is a Brand Marketing Associate at Privy. Before she came on board, she worked at OpenView, a Boston-based VC firm where she was ran their podcast, social media and scaled their biggest-ever Product Led Growth Summit. Her parents have two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Oakley and Bane, and 2020 is the year she finally gets her own. Stay tuned.

Recent posts

🕒 1 minute read

How To Turn Confirmation Emails Into Your Superpower (And Drive Recurring Revenue)

Order confirmation emails give you information you actually want. Yay! You ordered th...

By on Feb 28, 2020
🕒 1 minute read

How To Turn Text Messaging Into The #1 Sales Channel For Your Ecommerce Business: A Sneak Peek At Privy Text

Shhh. 🤫🤫 Privy Text doesn’t launch until next week, but we wanted to give you a sne...

By on Feb 21, 2020
🕒 4 minute read

The 3-Part Email Series Every Growing Ecommerce Brand Needs To Nail

What was the last thing you added to your cart but didn’t actually buy? Mine was this...

By on Feb 20, 2020
🕒 2 minute read

Valentine's Day Marketing Plays (And The Anatomy of A Holiday Campaign Designed to Drive Sales)

By on Feb 14, 2020
🕒 5 minute read

The 4 Metrics Your Ecommerce Business Actually Needs to Track

Let’s be honest. There are A LOT of metrics you could be tracking for your ecommerce ...

By on Feb 13, 2020
🕒 2 minute read

How To Write Ecommerce Email Copy That Will Help You Sell More Stuff (Even If You’re Not A Pro Writer)

For most ecommerce brands, email is the #1 sales channel. But for a small or growing ...

By on Feb 07, 2020
🕒 1 minute read

The Marketing Plays Every Ecommerce Business Should Be Running in 2020 (Based on 8 Years Working With Thousands Of Customers)

In case you haven’t heard, we launched a podcast called The Ecommerce Marketing Show....

By on Feb 04, 2020
🕒 8 minute read

We Interviewed An Ecommerce Marketing Expert About His Top Do's and Don'ts For Building An Online Store. Here’s What We Learned.

As someone who is new to ecommerce marketing, the first episode of our new podcast, ‘...

By on Jan 30, 2020
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