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Jewelry Brand Nadaré Co’s Exact 7-Figure Privy Playbook (with Examples)

nadare-headerIn the fall of 2020, Andrea Norquay decided to treat herself to some jewelry for her birthday. But she was left disappointed after a poor customer experience when the jewelry she bought tarnished quickly. 

This experience inspired Andrea to bet on herself during the height of the pandemic and dive head first into creating her own jewelry brand. 

After countless hours, Nadaré Co. was officially launched in December 2020 with a mission to redefine what waterproof jewelry means by bringing consumers carefully curated pieces at an affordable price point. 

By leaning into the power of TikTok, Andrea was able to build momentum (and an email list) before launch day and generated over 40 orders on day 1 of being in business.

Nadaré Co. TikTok Prelaunch

In a few short years, Nadaré Co. has amassed tens of thousands of contacts for their email marketing list and generated over $1 million in revenue with Privy.

We had the chance to chat with Andrea and Nadaré Co.’s email marketer, Gabi, about their journey using Privy to scale and what’s next for the brand.

(Before we dive in – I’m wearing Nadaré Co. pieces as I write this. Highly recommend checking them out! 😉)

Sooo how'd Nadaré Co. land on Privy?

When Nadaré Co. first launched, Andrea struggled to find an email marketing platform that worked for her.

Juggling multiple platforms to manage her emails and popups as a one-woman operation at the time just wasn’t sustainable.

Not to mention she found her original email tools too limiting for her needs.

That’s when she decided to turn to Privy.

With the goal of minimizing the number of apps she was using and an appetite for leaning into automations for her business.


Driving immediate results with Privy

From there, she noticed right off the bat that her welcome popup was getting much higher engagement and she was generating thousands in sales with her abandoned cart emails. 

“I noticed that my email list had started to grow a lot quicker because the popup was just more friendly and I would check every now and then and I'd be like, “My God, like I'm making thousands of dollars off abandoned cart emails.” But if I didn't have that set up, that's just all this money that I'm losing out on.”

That’s when she really started to get confidence that she had made the right choice with Privy.

“I remember thinking it was quite an investment, but the results I got from it so quickly made the monthly fee worth it. Then it actually makes you that money back tenfold.”

Since starting with Privy a few years ago, Nadaré Co. has generated over seven figures in revenue attributed to Privy. And 29% of their revenue attributed to email marketing comes from their automations.

Nadaré Co.'s exact Privy playbook

So what exactly is Nadaré Co. doing with Privy to see such incredible results?

Let’s have a look:


How Nadaré Co. uses Privy Convert to grow their list

Their Convert playbook includes a welcome popup for capturing emails and phone numbers, a cart saver to minimize cart abandonment, a free shipping bar to showcase their threshold to qualify for free shipping and landing pages to make signups for giveaways and new subscribers super simple.

Here’s a sneak peek of what these displays look like:

convertAnd with more than 25,000 subscribers, they’re clearly doing something right.

How Nadaré Co. drives consistent revenue from newsletters with Privy

On a normal month, they send between 5-9 newsletters (this doesn’t include any automations). And their average open rate is more than 50%.

Some of their top-performing newsletters (not including Black Friday campaigns) include:

  • Holiday/seasonality-focused campaigns for dates like Valentine’s Day and back to school
  • Special offers like a free gift with purchase, BOGO, or flash sale
  • Low stock and back in stock alerts
  • Teasers and early access

newsletter-subject-lines-2And if you’re looking for subject line inspiration, here are a few best-performers:

  • FREE Ring Box 💞
  • 20% OFF FLASH SALE ✨

Coming up with a consistent email schedule has been key to their success with email marketing. 

But they’re also not afraid to send multiple emails about a sale or special promotion. Pair that with urgency and it’s hard to lose.

Plus, they pay extra close attention to their top emails to be able to replicate what’s working for future sends so they can templatize rather than having to recreate each email from scratch.

How Nadaré Co. leans into automations to generate revenue 24/7

Andrea came to Privy understanding how valuable automations could be for her business. 

And luckily leaning into automations has paid off in a BIG way, driving hundreds of thousands in sales automatically

Let’s take a look at what Nadaré Co. has set up today.

2 after signup emails

After a new contact subscribes to their list, their 2-email playbook automatically delivers on their promise: a discount code for 10% off their first order. 

But they’re able to drive urgency by using a unique coupon code that expires. Which means their second email is focused on the fact that subscribers don’t have long to use their code.


3 abandoned cart emails

Nadaré Co. leans into urgency again with their 3-part abandoned cart series. 

Over 3 days, shoppers who abandon their carts receive a unique discount code for 10% off their order. The last 2 emails are focused on the expiration of the coupon code to encourage subscribers to complete their purchase ASAP.

abandoned-cart-3These emails have saved more than $175,000 in sales. Without the Nadaré Co. team having to lift a finger after initial setup.

1 purchase follow-up email

It might seem simple, but sending an email that’s not just an order confirmation email after a customer makes their first purchase is such a great way to keep building a relationship and make customers feel connected to your brand.

purchase-follow-upThe coolest part? Their single purchase follow-up email has driven an additional $10k+ in revenue that they otherwise would’ve missed out on (and that’s not even the purpose of this email!).

1 customer winback email

Existing customers are incredibly valuable to your business. It’s often much easier to bring them back to make another purchase than it is to convince someone new to buy. 

That’s exactly why winback emails are so valuable. And Nadaré Co. does a great job keeping their customer winback email simple, but effective.

customer-winbackThis email has convinced previous customers to spend thousands more with the brand.

So what’s the biggest lesson to learn from Nadaré Co.’s email automations? Don’t underestimate how incredibly powerful they can be. 

With the right emails in place, you can drive hundreds of thousands in sales automatically. Who doesn’t want that?!

Launching Nadaré Co.'s rebrand with Privy

Rebranding is no small feat. Especially with a small team. But when Nadaré Co. took on such a massive project in the fall of 2023, Privy made it as seamless as possible.

 “With Privy, it was so easy to go in and alter everything that we’re already using with the updated logo, new colors, and new typography for our popups and emails. The platform made it really seamless. It was one thing that I wasn't stressed out about.”

Outside of the ease of updating everything from their welcome popup to email automations, they were able to lean into their rebrand to drive sales with a series of 3 emails over the course of 3 days to build hype around the changes.

rebrandBy offering a discount to shop before their site shut down for 12 hours, they were able generate excitement and bring in sales at the same time. 

With another reminder 12 hours before the site shut down, they gave subscribers 1 more chance to shop and get 15% off and generate even more sales than the first email. 

Then, once the changes were live, they reached out again. And without even needing to include a discount code, they were able to drive more sales than previous 2 emails combined.

By nurturing their audience and making them part of the rebrand process, Nadaré Co. was able to steadily increase engagement AND orders.

So whether you’re transitioning from another platform or launching a rebrand of your own, Privy will make the process as simple as possible.

What's next for Nadaré Co. and Privy?

With a solid foundation in place, Nadaré Co. is ready to take their campaigns and automations to the next level.

By using targeted segmentation strategies to reach out to contacts who haven’t made a purchase yet or segmenting based on geography, they’ll be able to send their audience even more relevant campaigns.

They’re also eager to test out purchase follow-up emails that recommend complementary products to customers who purchased their huggie earrings. 👀

One thing’s for sure: the future is bright for Andrea and Nadaré Co. and we’re so excited to be part of their journey.

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Written by Jess Iocca

Jess joins Privy after completing her MBA at Boston University, where she specialized in marketing and social impact. She loves introducing her family and friends to small businesses and emerging brands, and is thrilled to put that passion to work at Privy. Outside of work, you can find Jess organizing her virtual book club and exploring new restaurants. Jess lives in Boston with her husband and their cat, Phoebe.

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