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20 Ecommerce Experts Share Advice to Help You Grow Your Business in 2020

Can you believe it’s the year 2020? Shouldn’t we all be teleporting and using hoverbo...

downloadables marketing By on Jan 09, 2020

2019 Year in Review: 5 Key Features You Need to Uplevel Your Ecommerce Marketing & Grow Your Online Store in 2020

One of our company values at Privy is that we measure our success by our customer’s s...

By on Dec 31, 2020

How to Create an Ecommerce Marketing Funnel [Template Included]

Are you struggling to convert people who land on your website?

By on Dec 16, 2019

6 Takeaways from Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019

There was so much build up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but now it’s come and go...

By on Dec 06, 2019

The Peejamas Story: How 3 Simple Campaigns Generated $100,000 in 7 Months

It’s no secret that being a parent to a toddler is a hard job. You’re literally tryin...

By on Dec 03, 2019

10 Last Minute Marketing Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Big box stores may have had their holiday planning all complete by July, but we know ...

By on Nov 22, 2019

The Best Shopify Stores Use These 10 Key Strategies for Growth

More than a million merchants are using Shopify to sell their products. But what does...

By on Nov 11, 2019

10 Pop Up Design Trends for 2020

As we start the new year, it's time to reflect on the past and think about what we’re...

Design By on Nov 04, 2019

4 Set It and Forget It Conversion Campaigns for the Holiday Shopping Season

With the holidays fast approaching, things are about to get crazy for everyone involv...

By on Oct 25, 2019

How Pastreez Uses Free Macarons to Create Loyal Customers

Started in 2017 by husband and wife, Yami & Anthony, Pastreez is an online macarons s...

By on Oct 18, 2019

[Guest Post] How To Avoid The Black Friday Cash Flow Squeeze

Guest Post from our friends at Brex

By on Oct 09, 2019

Behavioral Targeting: The Complete Guide

If you want to know how to use behavioral targeting to increase online conversions, y...

By on Oct 07, 2019

How to measure and grow Customer lifetime value (CLV)

Guest post by Isaiah Bollinger, CEO of Trellis Increasing your customer lifetime valu...

By on Oct 02, 2019

What Launched At Privy Live

Today, we hosted our first ever customer conference: Privy Live! A fantastic group of...

product release By on Sep 24, 2019

How To Send Order Confirmation Emails (And Make More $)

Pop quiz. What’s wrong with this order confirmation email?

How To's By on Sep 13, 2019

Three Lessons I Learned on Building a Brand from Jen Rubio, Co-founder of Away

Last week I had the chance to see Jen Rubio, Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer at Aw...

By on Sep 12, 2019

Black Friday Banner Ads: 5 Design Tips [+ Free Templates]

It’s time to retire the boogie boards, take your sunglasses off, and find somewhere t...

By on Sep 05, 2019

What Causes Shopping Cart Abandonment?

It's clear to most merchants (72% to be exact) that shopping cart abandonment is a re...

By on Aug 29, 2019

6 Upsell Tactics to Increase Your Average Order Value

Your ultimate goal for your ecommerce store is to sell more of your awesome products,...

By on Aug 27, 2019

Using Privy + Iterable: Supercharge Your Iterable Emails With More Data from Privy

Today, we’re super excited to dig into our new integration with Iterable, a growth ma...

By on Aug 23, 2019

Privy Makes Inc 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies


By on Aug 22, 2019

Geotargeting: Meeting Customers Where They Are to Boost Conversion

Have you heard of the phrase “meeting customers where they are?” Although the phrase ...

By on Aug 19, 2019

Personalize Your On-site Displays and Emails with Privy's New Contact Enrichment Capabilities

Up, up, up and away!

product release By on Aug 13, 2019

8 Key Principles for Optimizing Your Website Navigation

The navigational structure of your website can make or break the user experience of y...

By on Aug 13, 2019

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