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Introducing Privy Text


Introducing Privy Text

Turn text messaging into the #1 sales channel for your online store

Try it for $10/month. Takes 5 minutes to set up.
No annual contracts.

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"We get crazy questions all of the time, and we have a lot of fun answering them. People are always surprised that there's a human being at the other end of those messages. I'm excited to use Privy Text as a better way to build a relationship with my customers."

Doug Barna

Owner of Engineer Soda & Backcountry Moose

Privy Text Is The Easiest Way To Start Generating More Online Sales With Text Message Marketing

SMS Pop Up Example

In today’s crowded, noisy marketplace, it’s hard to be heard. While there’s still no substitute for building an engaged email list, the best ecommerce entrepreneurs and marketers are constantly looking for new ways to get an edge over their competition. Or, the 800-pound gorilla in the room: Amazon.

Text messaging is a new means for turning casual browsers on your site into loyal fans and customers. And better yet. It’s a channel you own. As Tobi Lutke, the CEO of Shopify once said, “Email lists and [your] website are the two only things you can own on the internet. Everything else is just rented.”

In 2020, one more item deserves being added to that list: text message marketing.

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Starts at just $10/month. No annual contracts.
Go live with your first text campaign in just 5 minutes.


After Sign-up

Send triggered text messages when a shopper opts in to receive texts from you to confirm their sign up and delivery coupons.


Abandoned Cart

Recover more missed sales with automated text messages sent to anyone on your SMS list  who didn’t complete checkout.


Shopify Coupon

Include master coupon codes in your text messages that automatically sync with your Shopify store.


Shopify Cart

Include a cart link in abandoned cart messages that send shoppers back to their loaded carts.



Create and enable your automated text messages in just as few minutes, then add phone fields to your pop ups and other displays to start growing your SMS list.


Integrated SMS
List Growth Tools

Create targeted  pop ups, banners, bars, simple landing pages and more to help you rapidly grow your SMS list.

Wait... isn't text messaging annoying though? Will my customers really want this?

“When I was first thinking about asking my customers for a phone number, I was thinking 'man, no one's ever going to opt-in.' And then after a couple days, I was like 'oh WOW. People are opting in.' I'm super excited about the possibilities.”

Cole Dash


As marketers, we’re always afraid of annoying our customers. As Kurt Elster on the Unofficial Shopify Podcast says: “[with text messaging], there’s this fear that ‘oh, my channels are going to cannibalize one another.’” But texting isn’t something to fear and in 2020, it should compliment your email marketing strategy.


The Ecommerce Marketing Show

Based on a recent survey we conducted with over 500 shoppers, 47% of people say they’re likely to opt-in to receive texts from a brand they like this year. Shoppers tell us they prefer to receive different content by channel (email, FB Messenger or Text).

With text message marketing, shoppers prefer to hear from brands via text based on actions they’ve taken such as adding an item to their cart, opting-in to receive updates, or registering for an event.

Finally, staying compliant is an essential part of getting started with text messaging. Luckily, Privy has baked compliance measures into the product itself so you don’t have to worry about scary fines or penalties.


Starts at $10/month for 100 textable contacts.

($10 per 100 contacts after that)

Try Privy Text

A textable contact is someone who has provided their phone number via a Privy Display Popup. You can send or receive SMS messages for 6X the amount of textable contacts you have per month.

P.S. Need ideas on how to get started? We can help 😊

This is HOT OFF THE PRESS. Today we are also launching “The Ultimate Guide to Text Message (SMS) Marketing for Ecommerceexclusively for Privy Text customers. You get it for FREE when you purchase Privy Text today. 


...so to recap, when you pay $10 today, you'll get:

1) To try Privy Text for a month

2) This guide which gives you the blueprint for driving more online sales with text messaging


The List Grower

Build your text subscriber list using email and website displays

  1. Send an email offering a discount if they provide their phone number
  2. Use a Privy Growth landing page to collect phone numbers
  3. Text them the discount coupon and a thank you

The After Sign-Up Text

Follow up with new subscribers right away with an after-signup text

  1. Offer new customers a welcome discount
  2. Customer submits their phone number on your website
  3. Send them a thank you text, with a 15% coupon
Privy Text Recipe_2_Abandoned Cart Text_1

The Sale Saver

Save sales by sending cart abandonment texts

  1. Customer adds something to cart then leaves website
  2. Then send them a reminder text 1 hour later
  3. Offer a 15% coupon or free shipping to complete purchase
Privy Text Recipe_2_Abandoned Cart Text_1