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Privy Convert

Grow your email list and drive more sales with timely popups, flyouts, and onsite displays

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What You Can Do With Privy Convert:

Create popups, flyouts, and other displays with dozens of high-converting templates

Whether you want to offer coupons, suggest products, or ask for email signups, Privy’s onsite displays will make sure you look good doing it. Customize in seconds, no design skills needed.

  • Popups
  • Flyouts (mobile optimized)
  • Spin-to-wins
  • Banners
  • Bars
  • Embedded forms
  • Landing pages
Advanced targeting means you’ll never annoy visitors

Forget about bombarding every visitor with the same generic offer. Keep your popups relevant by triggering them based on URL, number of visits, cart value, and more.

Cross-sell campaigns increase your average order value automatically

Want to increase sales without offering discounts? With Privy, you can suggest additional products based on what's in someone's cart. Set it up once and watch order size grow.

Stop cart abandonment before it happens with exit-intent campaigns

Emails aren’t the only way to reduce cart abandonment. Display a reminder (or coupon) when customers are about to leave items behind and save more carts!

Look like a marketing genius with pre-built campaigns that save you time

With 500,000+ stores using Privy, we see what’s getting results. Those winning strategies are baked into your account as recipes, so you’ll always know what to do to drive growth.


Plus, Everything You Need to Make Setup Painless

Coupons That Integrate with Your Store

Create master or unique coupons that automatically sync with your Shopify or BigCommerce store.

Coupon Delivery Emails

When customers sign up for coupons, Privy can deliver the codes automatically via email.

Email Integrations

Privy can send new email subscribers to every major email service provider, including MailChimp, Klayvio, and more.

How much is an email subscriber worth to your store? We did the math. 🤓

$15.98 — That’s the average revenue Privy customers generate per email captured in their first 90 days of use.

So if you’re wondering why we’re dead set on helping you grow your list, now you know!

At the end of the day, email is still one of the best ways to drive revenue for your store. In fact, you’ll be able to see that revenue front and center on your Privy dashboard:

Why do more emails = more revenue? Because email lets you stay connected and build personal relationships with people who may have otherwise left your site and never returned.

And since you own the channel, you can reach out directly to customers and bring them back to your store again and again—instead of depending on social media algorithms to reach them for you.

That’s why Privy even lets you throw a little confetti for new subscribers when they sign up. It’s the beginning of something beautiful—why not celebrate? 🎉

Privy Is The #1 Reviewed App For Sales In The Shopify App Store

Used by 500,000+ small ecommerce brands around the world

I love this! I've been using it for a few years and I love all the features on it. It helps me with everything I need and I couldn't live without it. I just used this fun "Spin to Win" feature today and I'm loving it!

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Downtown Chic Online

This is the best app for pop ups and creating your own designs! Every store needs this app. If you want to convert abandoned carts and emails captured on your website into orders, you really need Privy.

Group 2 (1)

Our sales have increased by a whopping 30% after downloading and implementing this app. THANK YOU, PRIVY!

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Dope Dog Co

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