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Abandoned Cart Emails for Shopify: How to Start Recovering Lost Sales in Minutes

Every day, ecommerce stores lose more money than they should to abandoned carts. Yours doesn’t have to be one of them. Now you can automatically recover 10-20% of abandoned carts with cart abandonment emails that integrate with your Shopify store.

  • Integrate your Shopify store and start automatically recovering revenue in minutes
  • Customize your cart abandonment emails to match your brand with our simple drag-and-drop editor
  • Generate even more sales by embedding unique coupons from your Shopify store directly in your emails

Starts at just $13 a month.

Integrates directly with Shopify.

Why Abandoned Cart Emails Are The Simplest Way For Shopify Stores to Increase Sales


Did you know that, as of August 2017, 77.3% of all online retail orders were abandoned instead of purchased?

That means less than a quarter of shoppers who added items to their cart ended up actually buying them.

No matter what kind of products you sell, the same phenomenon is happening this very minute on your Shopify store. But what if you could get a large chunk of those shoppers who abandon their carts to come back and complete their purchase?

Better yet—what if it happened automatically in the background week after week, recovering sales you would have otherwise lost?

That’s the magic of abandoned cart emails.

Abandoned cart emails automatically remind shoppers to complete their order after they leave your Shopify store with one or more items in their cart.

Cart Abandonment Emails Vs. Checkout Abandonment Emails: What You Need to Know

Remember, the goal of abandoned cart recovery emails is to recover as many of the 75%+ of abandoned orders as possible.

Unfortunately, most tools only allow you to send cart abandonment emails to shoppers who make it to the stage of your checkout process where they enter an email address:


The problem with this approach is that a major chunk of shoppers who abandon their carts will leave your store before they get far enough into the checkout process to enter their email address. That’s why we call these abandoned checkout emails rather than true cart abandonment emails.

Privy, however, lets you use automation to send cart abandonment emails to a significant number of customers who abandon their carts before entering their email address at checkout.

If you’re already using Privy Convert to capture email addresses, Privy will recognize shoppers who have signed up for your list when they return to your store. If they leave with items in their cart, Privy will automatically send them cart abandonment emails even if they never begin checking out—allowing you to reach a larger pool of would-be customers with your recovery emails and improve your conversion rate.

The best part? Cart abandonment emails are a true “set-it-and-forget-it” strategy. You can set them up on your Shopify store in minutes with Privy, and then watch as you rack up recovered sale after recovered sale.


Create emails fast with our simple drag-and-drop editor

Promote your products and drive repeat sales on your Shopify store with customizable email templates for sending newsletters and promotions.


Integrate with Shopify and add coupons, cart details, and more to emails

Recover more sales and reduce cart abandonment with automated cart recovery emails that show customers what they left in their shopping cart and bring them back.


Trigger emails based on cart value to save big sales

Customize order follow ups with order data directly from Shopify to show people what they purchased and offer additional discount codes to drive repeat sales.

Plus, you won’t have to write from scratch with tried-and-true cart abandonment email sequences built right into Privy Email…

With 6+ years in business and over 500,000 ecommerce brands using our platform, we’ve learned how to put together the most effective cart abandonment sequence possible. And you’ll be able to implement it within minutes of creating your Privy Email account:

Email #1: The Reminder (1 Hour Later)

Sometimes, all it takes is a gentle nudge to get customers to return to your online store and complete their orders. That’s exactly what Email #1 accomplishes. It lets your customers know they left items in their cart, and includes a link to complete their order.

Plus, since Privy Email integrates with Shopify, the email can display the items they added to their cart to jog their memory.

Email #2: The Expiring Incentive (24 Hours Later)

If the first cart abandonment email doesn’t get a shopper to complete their order, sending a second email with a limited-time coupon often gives them the extra motivation they need.

Privy’s Shopify integration lets you embed unique or master coupons into the email, and specify when they should expire.

Email #3: The Last Chance (48 Hours Later)

Nobody likes missing out on a deal. That’s why all your third and final cart abandonment email needs to do is simply remind customers the coupon you offered in Email #2 is about to expire.


Abandoned cart emails aren’t the only emails that’ll make you more money. That’s why Privy lets you do more...

There are lots of tools out there for sending emails online, but the vast majority weren’t built specifically for small and growing ecommerce brands.

In fact, some of the biggest platforms out there, like MailChimp, don’t even integrate with Shopify—making it next to impossible to automate cart abandonment emails and other critical tasks that save time and money.

Privy Email is different.

From day one, it’s been designed to help ecommerce brands like yours send every type of email that will help you bring people back to your store and generate more sales:

Bring customers back with professional-looking newsletters, promos, and more

Automating abandoned cart emails is great, but sometimes you need to send one-off emails to let customers know about new products, promos, or just to stay in touch. Privy Email gives you customizable templates that make it easy.

Drive repeat sales and reviews with order follow-up emails

The conversation shouldn’t end after a customer clicks “Buy.” With order follow-up emails, you can automatically drive reviews, suggest related products, or simply leave a positive impression by saying thanks.

Get more redemptions with automatic coupon reminders

If you offer coupons on your site, chances are there are plenty of customers signing up but forgetting to buy. Privy’s coupon reminder emails let you automatically remind them to come back and make a purchase.

Recover More Abandoned Carts with Privy Email for as Little as $13/Month

Privy Email starts at $13/month for 1,000 contacts and unlimited sending. Yup—it’ll pretty much pay for itself after one recovered cart.