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Never forget a major sales day for your store again.

Get monthly reminders plus campaign ideas for upcoming holidays so you can drive sales for your ecommerce store all year long.


2022 Ecommerce Holiday Calendar

Print it out. Save it to your desktop. Add this to your Bookmarks.

How to use this calendar in 4 easy steps 👉

With nearly 100 holidays this year, there are more than enough opportunities to launch a campaign that’ll drive sales for your store. 

So if you only do one thing to grow your business today, make sure you get the full 2022 holiday calendar. It couldn't be easier to use.

1. Pick one holiday a month

2. Come up with a killer offer

3. Send emails and texts

4. Watch the sales come in

Planning your marketing campaigns for the entire year just got easier.

You already know about the major holidays like Memorial Day and Black Friday. But have you ever completely forgotten about Mother’s Day? Or Prime Day? You’re not alone.

With the Ultimate 2022 Ecommerce Holiday Calendar, you’ll get monthly updates and reminders so you never miss out on major opportunities to drive sales for your store again.

Want campaign ideas? Valentine’s Day email examples? Subject lines you can steal? Holiday-themed text messages we’ve seen in the wild? You get all of this!

The 2022 Ecommerce Holiday Calendar đź—“ - Never forget a major sales holiday for your store again. | Product Hunt

A calendar that will make you money year round.

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Over 60 templates for your next SMS campaign

Need inspiration for your next SMS marketing campaign? We have over 60 free templates for you to borrow, customize, and personalize.


Holiday templates for your next email campaign

Send money-making emails for every ecommerce holiday, small and large. Choose from a variety of our pre-built holiday templates.

St Patricks Day Email Template
Privy Spring Template 1
Privy Fathers Day Email Template 2
Privy Mothers Day template 2
memorial day email marketing template

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Campaign ideas for every occasion

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Start planning your next holiday campaign today.

Get ahead on your planning this year with a complete calendar, constant updates, and reminders so you never miss a holiday ever again.