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Privy vs Klaviyo

Privy offers what Klaviyo can't.

You deserve better than confusing tools and subpar support. Start driving ROI on day-one with Privy's conversion, email, and SMS marketing platform. Best of all, our support team is always here when you need us.

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Over 18,500 five star Shopify reviews


Why brands choose Privy over Klaviyo

User-Friendly Tools Support & Coaching Better Business Value

Feel like a pro with Privy

You shouldn’t have to be an expert in marketing software to launch a campaign or learn a new feature.

Privy makes things simple. We have the top-performing email automations you need – like your welcome campaigns and abandoned cart series – that are simple to setup and grow your sales around the clock.

Privy’s drag and drop editor makes creating and sending emails a breeze. Spend less time trying to learn your marketing tools and more time growing your business.

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Expert support & coaching no matter where you start

You deserve better than waiting in long lines for support just to talk with a chatbot.

All Privy customers get live chat or email support from a human – 7 days a week with an average wait time of 5 minutes.

Have 250+ email contacts? You'll get a 1:1 coaching session with a Privy expert who will personally help you get up and running.

At Privy, you’ll always get support from a real person no matter how many contacts you have. Plus, if you have 10,000+ contacts, you’re eligible for ongoing support with a customer success manager.

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Spend less and sell more with Privy

Your email marketing tool shouldn't limit how many emails you can send your customers each month.

A cap on your email sends puts a cap on your revenue potential. And sending more emails than your plan allows for means you’ll be charged extra by Klaviyo. 

Privy doesn't have email send limits or hidden fees. And you're only charged for mailable contacts, so contacts you can actually market to. Not unsubscribed contacts or ones who never opted-in for emails in the first place.

Instead of worrying if your next email will push you over the limit, make the switch to Privy and start sending more emails. arrow-right


See how much you save when switching to Privy

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You save 56% or $25/month by using Privy

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Our customers say it all

“I switched from Klaviyo to Privy and the MAIN reason was customer service! I am amazed at the patience and generosity of the Privy team. Try to get a phone call with someone on the Klaviyo team...you'll lose hours of your life. Vicky and Erin are superstars and I feel so much more knowledgeable and in control!

–F. Major
"Now that we've seen how simple it is to work with all of the tools in one spot, switching to Privy seems like a no-brainer. Having all of your newsletters, welcome emails, abandoned cart messages, and campaigns in one location provides for a far more efficient system."

–Bdellium Tools
“My favorite Shopify app! So user friendly and the best tool for growing my business. Shopify support team is also great and SO helpful with any question I have. Can’t recommend Privy enough - if you’re considering this over other apps, choose Privy. (I tried Klaviyo and prefer Privy.)”

–Kov Essentials

Comparing Privy vs Klaviyo


Based on 25,500+ reviews on the Shopify App Store

  • Unlimited Email Sends - Send an unlimited number of emails regardless of how much your plan costs. You have complete control over how and when you market to your customers over email.
  • Privy Convert Integration - Use #1 rated conversion tools to create popups, forms, and other onsite displays to grow your email and SMS subscriber lists.
  • Proactively Increase Average Order Value - Privy offers onsite displays like cross-sells and free shipping bars to drive urgency while shoppers are actually on your site. Nudge shoppers to add more items to their cart and watch their order value grow.
  • Revenue Reporting Across All Channels - Privy’s all-in-one platform gives you a holistic view of your business health, with revenue attributed across onsite displays, emails, and SMS.
  • True Cart Abandonment Emails - Save up to 10% of abandoned carts (not just abandoned checkouts) with automated abandoned cart emails. Build a series that’s perfectly timed to recover the most abandoned carts possible.
  • Flexible Shopify Coupon Creation - Create master and unique coupon codes that sync with your Shopify store. Simply drag and drop coupon codes directly into your emails, without worrying about having the “right” number of codes available for recipients.
  • Personalized Migration Support - Privy will work with you to ensure a smooth transition so you can start driving sales ASAP.
  • Expert Support - Our ecommerce coaches can show you what’s working and apply it to your business. It’s like having your own marketing team any time you need one.
  • User-Friendly Editor & Template Library - Send promotions and updates to stay in front of customers with Privy’s simple drag and drop email editor and robust template library.

Based on 1,500+ reviews on the Shopify App Store

  • Monthly Send Limits - The number of emails you can send each month is limited by the number of contacts you have. If you exceed your allotted number of email sends, Klaviyo will charge you extra fees.
  • Forms that Limit List Growth - Klaviyo’s signup forms have subpar targeting conditions that aren’t optimized for list growth. That could mean thousands of signups lost each month.
  • Reactive Cross-Sell Tools - Klaviyo’s cross-sell tools are limited to emails that are sent after a shopper was on your site. And if you offer free shipping, you’ll have to use something other than Klaviyo to let shoppers know in the moment.
  • Basic Signup Form Reporting - Klaviyo doesn’t track revenue attributed to signup forms, which means you have a gap in understanding how forms are impacting your bottom line. 
  • Checkout Abandonment Only - Klaviyo’s cart abandonment flow only triggers when checkout begins. So if a shopper adds an item to their cart and doesn’t start checkout, Klaviyo can’t follow up with them. That translates to money left on the table for your brand.
  • Tedious Coupon Creation - You have to manually type coupon tags into your Klaviyo campaigns. And if you don’t create enough coupon codes for all of your recipients, some recipients won’t receive your campaign at all. Less campaigns delivered = less sales for your store.
  • Massive To-Do List - Klaviyo’s onboarding support is limited to an overwhelming checklist with tons of online guides you’re left to sort through on your own. 
  • Limited Support - Unless you’re using Klaviyo with over 150,000 contacts, your support will be limited to email and chat with long wait times and boilerplate responses.
  • Complicated Interface - We’ve heard over and over again from merchants that Klaviyo isn’t user-friendly and even simple adjustments can be huge time killers when you’re running a business.

How Privy helps you grow

Grow your email & SMS lists

Send messages that drive sales

Recover abandoned carts

Get customers to buy more

Automate your repeat sales


Choose from a library of customizable popups, flyouts, and other high-converting plays and start capturing email and SMS contacts. With proven targeting conditions built right in, you can trust that your displays will show to the right shoppers at the right time.


Communication is key for customer retention. Share limited time offers, back-in-stock announcements, product launches and more with customizable newsletters and texts.


Trigger a gentle reminder (or coupon) to stop cart abandonment in its tracks. Take cart recovery to the next level and bring shoppers back to where they left off with Privy’s proven automated abandoned cart emails and text messages.


Making the right recommendation is often all it takes to sell an extra item or two. Cross Sell displays let you do it automatically. Offer free shipping, too? Remind shoppers how close they are to earning it with a dynamic free shipping bar that updates as customers shop.


No store can live on one-time purchases alone. Good thing that repeat customers are 9X more likely to convert. Make buying a habit and inspire loyalty with automated emails like customer winbacks and purchase follow-ups.

Still Have Questions?

How does Privy’s pricing work compared to Klaviyo’s?

Privy and Klaviyo both offer contact-based pricing. Privy’s Starter Plan offers access to our Conversion + Email tools and starts at $30/month for up to 2,000 mailable contacts.

After 2,000 contacts, pricing increases by $15/month per 1,000 mailable contacts. 
Privy also offers a Growth Plan that includes access to our Conversion + Email + SMS marketing tools. This plan starts at $45/month for up to 3,000 mailable contacts and up to 500 textable contacts. After 3,000 emails, your price increases by $15/month per 1,000 email contacts. After 500 textbale contacts, your price will increase by $10 per 250 textable contacts. 

If you have a larger contact list, you’ll pay less per contact. We recommend you speak to our ecommerce coaching team if you have more than 20,000 email contacts. There are no annual contracts required and no email sending limits with either plan.

Does Privy limit the number of emails I can send each month?

If you’re on the Starter Plan or the Growth Plan, you won’t have a sending limit. Privy customers can send an unlimited number of emails regardless of how many contacts you have or how much your plan costs. You have full control over how and when you market to your customers using email.

What sort of support can I expect from Privy?

When you make the switch from Klaviyo to Privy, you’ll receive specialized migration services to support your transition. You’ll get priority assistance to migrate your contacts to Privy ASAP. Once you’ve transitioned over to Privy, you’ll get live chat or email support from a human seven days a week, regardless of how many contacts you have. And when you do reach out to our team, you can expect an average wait time of 5 minutes. If you come to Privy with 10,000+ mailable contacts, you’ll be eligible for ongoing 1:1 support with a customer success manager.

All of my contacts are in Klaviyo. What happens if I make the switch?

We know that email lists are ecommerce gold. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible to transfer your contacts into Privy. As part of Privy’s Klaviyo Migration Services, you’ll get priority assistance and expedited contact migration. With Privy you’ll only pay for contacts that are mailable. No getting charged for contacts who unsubscribed or never opted into marketing emails in the first place.

What about my email automations? Can Privy help with those?

Yes. Time is precious when you’re running an online business. Privy’s platform includes email and text automations to help you welcome your new subscribers, recover abandoned carts, drive repeat purchases, and more.Once these automations are live in your account, they’ll trigger whenever shoppers meet the criteria you set so you can capture sales around the clock. When you make the switch to Privy, our team will work with you to understand your goals and help activate the automations that are a priority for your business.

Can I do SMS marketing with Privy?

Yes. Privy SMS is the fastest way to start driving sales with SMS for your brand. Use Privy’s SMS tools to welcome your new subscribers, add SMS to your cart recovery strategy, and promote your latest offers and products with money-making text messages. When you choose Privy’s Growth Plan you’ll get access to all of our SMS marketing tools. Plus, our team will provide 1:1 coaching to help you get started with SMS.

Can I import my SMS contacts from Klaviyo into Privy?

No. For compliance reasons, your textable contacts must provide their phone to you via a Privy popup or onsite display in order for you to text them with Privy SMS. When you switch to Privy and choose the Growth Plan, our team will work with you to launch our top-recommended plays to supercharge your SMS list growth in Privy.

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