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Privy for Wix

Supercharge your Wix store today with Privy

Get the ecommerce marketing platform built for Wix stores that need to grow sales now. Grow your contact lists, save abandoned carts, send money-making emails & texts, and more – all in one place.


Introducing Privy x Wix

Privy has everything you need to grow your Wix store from $0 to $1 million in sales

That means unlocking more revenue potential AND making life easier. More than just a tool with none of the confusion.

Send Beautiful Newsletters That Generate New Sales

From Facebook ads to SEO, there are a lot of ways you can grow your business. But as a new business, let’s face it. Ads are expensive. And SEO takes forever. You need to get your business off the ground today. That’s why millions of new brands are sending newsletters. Because they are the fastest path to profit on your Shopify store.

Recover Lost Sales With Automatic Cart Recovery Emails

On average, 70% of carts go abandoned on ecommerce stores. If you’re not following up with those customers, you’re leaving serious revenue on the table. With Privy, we follow up automatically for you. Set a series of abandoned cart emails one time and start thinking about what you’ll do with all that revenue you’re recovering.

Get Customers To Buy Again (And Again) With Customer Winback Emails

Compared to first time buyers, repeat customers are 9x more likely to convert and spend 3x more than first time buyers. Whenever you get a new order on your Wix store you’ll be able to send an automated email 30-45 days out suggesting new products and driving repeat buyers.

Greet New Subscribers With Welcome Emails

One of the most effective email automations is the welcome email. With Privy, everytime you capture an email address on your site you’ll be able to enroll that contact into an automated email series to help them learn more about your company, product, and encourage them to come back and purchase from your store.

Create Emails With An Easy To Use Drag & Drop Email Editor

Nobody wants to spend hours designing emails. Our email editors are designed to make it simple to design your email and send it to customers. That way you can spend less time designing emails and more time growing your Wix store with email marketing.

Install Privy on Your Wix Store Now

Start your 15-day free trial of Privy. After that, pricing starts at just $30/month.

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Improve your Wix store conversion rate

The best part is that Privy is more than just email marketing. Privy has built an entire ecommerce marketing suite for Wix store owners to grow their online brands. Privy Convert helps you build your list, boost your conversion, and grow your Average Order Value.


Create popups, flyouts, and other displays with dozens of high-converting templates

Capture every Wix visitor who comes to your store. Privy Convert offers a variety of high-converting popups to ensure you’re never wasting a dollar of your store’s traffic. Add in your store's branding and customize it to make it unique. 


Stop cart abandonment before it happens with exit-intent campaigns

The average Wix store converts between 1-2% of their store visitors into paying customers. Capture a shoppers email before they leave your store so you can continue selling to them after they leave your store.

Advanced targeting means you’ll never annoy visitors

Forget about bombarding every visitor on your Wix store with the same generic offer. Keep your popups relevant by triggering them only to specific site visitors. Now you can target repeat visitors, VIP customers, and first time buyers with different messages. And personalization leads to higher conversions. A few of the targeting criteria include:

  • URL
  • # of visits
  • Cart value
  • Country Location
  • Lifetime value spent

Boost your average order value with free shipping bars

If you’re offering free shipping on your stores, including a free shipping bar is one of the easiest ways to boost your Wix average order value. Setting it up takes less than 2 minutes and you’re able to customize the threshold required to unlock free shipping.


Add Privy to your Wix store for free today

Try Privy free for 15 days. After that, pricing starts at just $30/month.

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