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Black Friday Cyber Monday
BFCM 2022

All the resources you need to make BFCM 2022 your best one yet.

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Are you ready for the busiest time of the year?

The numbers don't lie. Last Black Friday Cyber Monday was historic for Shopify stores, and this year will be no different.
As an ecommerce business owner, you know the success of your BFCM campaigns doesn't happen overnight. In fact, we know that 6 in 10 online shoppers start searching for BFCM deals as soon as October. Which means you'll need to prepare your offers, emails, and texts well in advance.
To make sure your prep goes as smooth as possible, we created this page as the only resource you'll need this BFCM to crush your holiday sales goals.

The best prep starts with a plan.

Our Ultimate BFCM 2022 Calendar has everything you need (and more)

Get weekly email reminders, our 28-page holiday marketing playbook, a free Google Calendar integration, and an accountability checklist that ensures you never miss a step this holiday season.


Our calendar will guide you through...

Growing your lists

Convert your store traffic into mailable contacts with welcome popups, spin-to-win wheels, cart savers, and other list growth methods before BFCM.

Planning your offers

Plan your BFCM offers ahead of time. Promote them to your email or SMS lists + VIP customers leading up to the holiday shopping season.

Scheduling your sales

Schedule your holiday sales emails and promotions. Automate your welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, and abandoned cart texts.

Get your store into shape with our BFCM Bootcamp Series 💪


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Need extra support this BFCM?

Our Black Friday Bundle can be a game-changer for you this holiday season

Unlock your store’s full potential this BFCM and beyond with Privy’s Ultimate Black Friday Bundle.

Popup displays to grow your email and text lists.

Email and SMS marketing that makes you money.

1:1 coaching and onboarding from a Privy expert.

Advice and tips from Shopify expert Kurt Elster.

Access to a private ecommerce Facebook Community.

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Last minute insight before BFCM 2022

The most popular items sold

SMS marketing is on the rise

Email is a top sales channel

Growing your lists is key

Most popular items sold BFCM 2021

The most popular items sold during BFCM are clothing and accessories. The chart above shows other categories that are in high demand during the holiday season.

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Brands sent more than 1 billion text messages on Cyber Week 2021. With more consumers on their phones, expect SMS to be a top sales channels this BFCM.


Privy merchants sent more than 1 million emails per-hour last BFCM. Email remains as one of the strongest channels for growing your holiday sales.


To get the most out of your email and SMS marketing campaigns, use welcome offers, spin-to-win wheels, cart saver popups, and other displays to grow your sending lists before Cyber Weekend is here.

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