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Introducing Privy’s Accelerate Program

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The Privy Accelerate Program is designed to help busy Shopify founders and marketers jumpstart results and save time.

Because if one thing's clear, it's that founders and solo marketers like you have a lot on your plate.

So, the last thing you need is a complex platform that requires you to become an expert (which takes serious time!) or to hire one (which costs a lot!).

You need a program that’s built with you in mind.

One that jumpstarts your success and coaches you to build habits that you can manage and sustain, so you can get more from your marketing (without the headache).

Let’s talk about how the Privy Accelerate Program does exactly that…

What does the Privy Accelerate Program include?

The Privy Accelerate Program is a 30 day program designed to help you drive results fast and save hours of time.

You’ll work 1:1 with a dedicated Privy expert who will build out your account foundations, train you on the platform and help you make the most of all the features available to you with Privy.

Here’s a rundown on all things Accelerate…

It all starts with getting set up for success and building a strong foundation.

We’ll make your transition to Privy as smooth as possible with an expedited list import and list hygiene best practices. And we’ll help you get your custom sending domain set up so you can start sending emails ASAP.

Your dedicated expert will collaborate with you to implement all the features you need to hit the ground running, including:

  • 1 Welcome Discount Popup
  • 1 Cart Saver
  • A strategy & templates for each of your automations
  • Your go-to newsletter template

Plus, you’ll get a custom 30-day checklist tailored specifically to your brand.

Once your foundation is in place, you’ll have weekly calls with your Privy expert to dive into content planning and strategy.

You’ll learn to leverage more Privy features, like segmentation, targeting returning visitors, cross-sells, and more. Plus, your Privy expert will send you exclusive resources with tips and best practices to help you make the most of your campaigns. 

By the end of the program, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re following best practices and have optimized displays and automations driving sales for you around the clock. 

Plus, you’ll have confidence from your training and inspiration from your strategy sessions to test new ideas to continue growing results with Privy.

At Privy, your success is our success.

So that’s why at the end of the Accelerate program, you’ll have a chance to review your results and share feedback directly with Privy’s CEO.

The top 2 reasons brands are choosing the Accelerate Program

#1: They want to get more from their marketing platform, but are worried about the time it'll take to get set up for success with something new.

If you’ve been following along with the Empowered Ecommerce event week, you know we’re big believers that the Shopify founders and solo marketers out there don’t need complicated workflows. They need simple, but powerful, tools that are built with them in mind (and come with tailored coaching from real people!).

We often hear from merchants that they’re overwhelmed by these other, more complex tools (and that they don’t need all the complex features that come with them).

They’re finding themselves stuck. Thinking they need to spend even more money hiring another person to manage their account for them.

But every extra $$ you spend managing your email & SMS marketing programs means more $$ you need to get out of them to maintain a healthy ROI.

And if you’re like the founders and solo marketers that choose Privy, you don’t want to go down that route. 

In fact, one of the founders we work with was in this exact same position a few weeks ago.

During their discovery process with Privy, she told us:

“Klaviyo is very complicated to use. I either need to hire a consultant to run it for me because I don't have the time to do it, or we could decide to make the switch to you.”

After walking through the platform and hearing about this new program, the founder said:

“It's way more user friendly. You guys have someone who's doing the hard work for us and guiding us through what we should do, consulting us on how to grow.“

They decided to take the leap as one of our first Accelerate Program customers and are working alongside Customer Success Manager, Carley Palm.

#2: They want coaching that helps them implement proven strategies and establish habits they can sustain (alongside everything else they need to juggle)

Westcoast Saw is another early adopter of the Privy Accelerate Program.

Lauren, one of the co-founders, told us about one of the brand’s biggest problems during their discovery call with a Privy coach:

“I think the one hurdle I'm trying to get over is to find a platform that gets us set up for success. “

Once ecommerce coach, Melanie, told them about the new Accelerate program, she said:

“The thing I like most is that it sounds like you have dedicated assistance which I haven't really found elsewhere…I'm always willing to work with somebody that knows more than me. And I'm always looking for somebody that knows more than me. So that makes me excited about the platform.”

Other founders also expressed excitement about the Accelerate program’s tailored coaching. Another customer was pumped to hear they’d receive personalized support, especially because the founder relies on one team member to manage all of their email marketing. 

“I think our Customer Engagement manager would love it. Especially having someone coach her through it instead of her having to figure everything out on her own. It would be really cool if we had someone who would be there to say, "I noticed that you guys don't have this flow setup and this cross sell and this is how you do it.”"

That’s exactly what the Accelerate Program is about. You’ll never be left on your own to figure out what to do next. And with support that feels like an extension of your marketing team, you’ll always have a partner that’s rooting for your success. 

The Privy Accelerate Program: Built for busy founders and solo marketers who need something better.

We couldn’t be more excited to officially launch this program and help even more founders and solo marketers build marketing habits that last. 

If you relate to any of the problems above, we’d love to meet with you and show you how Privy and the Accelerate Program can work for your brand.

Book a call today to learn more.

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Written by Jess Iocca

Jess joins Privy after completing her MBA at Boston University, where she specialized in marketing and social impact. She loves introducing her family and friends to small businesses and emerging brands, and is thrilled to put that passion to work at Privy. Outside of work, you can find Jess organizing her virtual book club and exploring new restaurants. Jess lives in Boston with her husband and their cat, Phoebe.

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