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List Growth

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List Growth
Don’t Just Launch A Welcome Popup (13 Ways To Level Up With Privy) Chances are, you're leaving subscribers on the table. Get everything you need to know you optimize your website and grow your list with Privy.
9 Proven Ways To Grow Your Email And SMS Lists Before BFCM The more contacts you have, the more revenue you’ll bring in with every email and text you send. That’s why list growth is especially important before Black Friday. Try these 9 proven tactics to grow your email and SMS lists ASAP.
How To Grow Your Email List Fast | Privy Email marketing should drive significant revenue for your ecommerce business. But to get there, you need to have an email list. Find out how you can grow your email list with Privy.
List Growth
Why You Should Be Using Tabs With Your Popups: How One Brand Got an Extra 1k Subscribers in 30 Days Using tabs with your popups can work wonders when it comes to growing your ecommerce email list. Here's how tabs helped one brand land 1,000 extra subscribers in just 30 days.
List Growth
Mobile Popup Best Practices: 9 Tips For Designing Popups That Convert If you don't have popups that are specifically designed for mobile, you're missing out. These best practices for creating mobile popups will help you capture more emails and drive more sales.
Website Conversion
6 Types of Popups & Popup Campaigns That Convert Pop ups can be used to collect emails, increase average order value, guide visitors, and drive sales. Here's how to design pop ups that convert.
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Introducing Spin to Win: The New Highly Engaging Campaign Type Spin to Win Campaigns are on Privy. A Highly Engaging Campaign Type. Start collecting more emails. Wheelio style Pop Ups are now available! It has become one of our top performing campaigns because shoppers love the gamification being added to the buying process.

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