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Email Marketing

Email marketing tactics to help you grow sales for your store

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SMS Marketing

Sell to shoppers on the devices they use most – their smartphones

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List Growth

Proven strategies to help you turn browsers into subscribers.

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Case Studies

Real stories from real Privy merchants

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Case Studies
Yellowberry + Privy. How This Founder Gained Confidence After Switching From Klaviyo. After Yellowberry made the switch from Klaviyo to Privy, the team quickly realized it was the right choice. Check out their exact Privy playbook.
Case Studies
How Truly Lifestyle Brand Uses Privy To Build Relationships AND Generate $1.2M+ In Sales In just 1 year, Truly Lifestyle Brand has seen serious results with Privy. Here's how they've built strong relationships with their audience and brought in over $1.2M in sales.
Case Studies
Jewelry Brand Nadaré Co’s Exact 7-Figure Privy Playbook (with Examples) Nadaré Co. has amassed tens of thousands of contacts for their email marketing list and generated over $1 million in revenue with Privy. This is their exact playbook.

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March 24, 2024
Creating a Welcome Discount Popup with Privy

Dive into best practices and tips to create a welcome discount popup that'll make shoppers excited to sign up for your list!

March 14, 2024
Introducing Privy's New Display Creation Experience

Our streamlined, user-friendly editor is designed to make you feel like a pro. Check it out.

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A podcast to help you scale your Shopify store from $0-$1M in sales. 2x/week Val shares quick tips he's learned helping hundreds of thousands of Shopify brands just like yours as well as interviews them on the show!

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Keep tabs on product releases and other updates from the Privy team.

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Introducing Privy’s Accelerate Program The Privy Accelerate Program is designed to help busy Shopify founders and marketers jumpstart results and save time. Here's what you need to know.
Privy’s Email Automation Playbook: Ready-to-Use Formulas To Steal (Even If You're Not An Expert) Want to bring in sales for your store 24/7? Here's what you need to know to activate the 4 most important email automations for your store ASAP.
Every Shopify Store Should Be Sending These 18 Types Of Newsletters (With 245+ Examples From Real Brands) Consistency is key for building a successful email marketing calendar. But what exactly should you be sending? Here are 245+ examples and 18 types of emails to steal.

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