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Ben Jabbawy

Go getter and ecommerce extraordinaire Ben Jabbawy is the founder and CEO of Privy. His passion for entrepreneurship has helped him empower and inspire hundreds of thousands of small to medium sized business for nearly a decade and he's not stopping now!

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Privy 2.0: The Uncensored Story of Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going, And Welcoming Our New Chief Marketing Officer

November 15, 2014 was the hardest day of my career as an entrepreneur.

By on Jan 22, 2020

Privy Makes Inc 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies


By on Aug 22, 2019

5 Reasons You Should Attend Privy Live on September 24th, 2019

By on Jul 29, 2019

Why We're Changing Pricing: Privy's Commitment to SMBs

  We’re really excited to  share our new pricing model with you today and our thinkin...

Press Releases privy team By on Jun 10, 2019

Welcome New Hires: Growing Our Sales & Engineering Teams (And We’re Still Hiring!)

Join us in welcoming the biggest class of new employees to ever join the Privy team! ...

privy team By on Apr 01, 2019

Welcome February Hires!

As the Privy team continues to expand, we want you to meet some of the new faces behi...

privy team By on Feb 28, 2019

New Year, Big Team!

We are so excited to continue growing our team into the new year. Meet our newest tea...

privy team By on Feb 01, 2019

Welcome Rob and Jen!

Rob Lawless | Senior Product Manager   

privy team By on Nov 30, 2018

Scary Awesome New Team Members

  Filled with all treats and no tricks, October has been a very exciting month for Pr...

privy team By on Oct 31, 2018

Big News: Privy Closes $4M in Series A funding to Accelerate Growth


privy team By on Oct 25, 2018

Welcoming New Team Members this Month!

Alison Aldrich | VP Partnerships    

By on Sep 26, 2018

New Team Members in August

Join us in welcoming two new, incredible people to the Privy team this month!

By on Aug 29, 2018

Welcome New Members of the Privy Team!

Join us in welcoming two new, incredible people to the Privy team this month! Ignacio...

privy team By on Jul 26, 2018

Welcoming New Additions to the Privy Team!

Join us in welcoming four new, awesome people to the Privy team this month!

eCommerce privy team By on Jun 19, 2018

Three Big Updates to A/B testing with Privy

As usual, the Privy product team is hard at work. Today we're excited to push an upda...

How To's product By on Mar 15, 2018

Free Resources To Get Smart and Jumpstart Your Ecommerce Business

Entrepreneurship is no easy business. It requires passion, grit, resilience and so mu...

eCommerce How To's By on Mar 07, 2018

Welcoming Erica Ayotte and Allina Dolor to Privy

Join us in welcoming two new teammates who joined in February.

Inside Privy privy team By on Feb 22, 2018

Whiteboard Wednesday: What Happens After Sign Up

On today’s episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, we’re talking about what happens after so...

eCommerce welcome email Whiteboard Wednesday By on Feb 21, 2018

Welcoming Ted Ammon and Jess Fishman to Privy

Join us in welcoming two new members to the squad.

eCommerce employee Inside Privy recruiting By on Nov 14, 2017

What You Need to Know About Google's Mobile Pop Up Penalty

On January 10, 2017, Google rolled out changes to its algorithm that penalizes "intru...

google How To's insights mobile-friendly mobile popups Privy Data By on Nov 07, 2017

Welcoming Amanda Beiner, Kayla Lewkowicz and Kristina Lisacki

Join us in welcoming three power houses to the Privy squad.

employee Inside Privy recruiting By on Oct 12, 2017

Does Exit Intent Work on Mobile?

If you’re getting lots of mobile traffic to your website you’re probably wondering wh...

How To's insights product By on Sep 28, 2017

[Webinar recording] Advanced techniques for increasing opt-ins and driving more sales

In case you missed it, we just ran an awesome 30 minute webinar where walked through ...

eCommerce How To's shopify plus shopify webinar By on Sep 22, 2017

Let's Give a Big, Warm Welcome to Meg Johnson!

Today we're excited to announce that Megan Johnson has joined Privy to take the plung...

eCommerce privy team Design Uncategorized By on Aug 01, 2017