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Marshmallows & Mobile Design | How Does This Sh!t Work?

What do marshmallows have to do with mobile design? Find out when Lauren asks our graphic designer a few questions about designing for mobile devices including why mobile design matters, and how you can design for mobile devices using Privy.

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What is mobile design?

When people talk about mobile design, or something being "mobile-friendly," it just means that this design (whether it be an ad, campaign, or website) was specifically created to be viewed on a mobile device.

Why does mobile design matter? 

People look at their phones 50-70 times a day. If you're not designing for mobile devices, you're missing out on a huge portion of your audience. 

How can I design for mobile devices using Privy?

You can make mobile specific campaigns by duplicating a current campaign, switching the template to a flyout, and targeting it specifically for mobile. When doing this, make sure to have the desktop version targeted to only desktop visitors. That way visitors don't get bombarded with two versions of the same ad when viewing on a mobile device. 

What are some mobile design tips?

  1.  Keep it clean and simple. Don't over-clutter your screen with too much text or busy background images. 
  2. There's beauty and readability in simplicity. Don't overdo it with fonts. Too decorative of a font will not scale well when shrunk down to a smaller screen size. Instead, choose clean, more geometric fonts that will still be clearer at smaller sizes. 
  3. When in doubt, use a flyout! We've created a ton of new perfect-for-mobile flyouts that make it easy to set up a mobile display in just a few clicks.

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Written by Meg Johnson

Armed with a degree from MassArt, a passion for avocados, and a "I'm going to crush this attitude," Meg elevates Privy's approach to brand, design, video and most importantly, fun.

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