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Three Big Updates to A/B testing with Privy

By Ben Jabbawy
1 minute read

As usual, the Privy product team is hard at work. Today we're excited to push an update to the AB testing functionality many of you rely on so frequently.

With today's update, you can now easily include experiments around varying form fields, as well as unique coupon codes per variation. And lastly, you can sync contacts to different places based on the variation they signed up for.

Testing Form Fields

For many marketers, we always ponder this age old question of "how does the number of fields in my form impact conversions"? Well, no more guessing. Hop right into your variants and edit the requested fields.


Testing Coupons

Simplify the way you offer test welcome modals and cart savers, by using the behavior tab inside each variation to select a coupon code for that variant. This lets you set up unique codes that can differ, and truly identify which offer is best for your conversion rates.


Sync Rules

Last but not least, many of you have wanted to send contacts to different lists within external ESPs based on which variation they signed up for. Now you can easily do that within each variation's automation tab. Just set the "Sync to" and choose a different list for each one.

You can expect continuous improvements to A/B testing in the near future!

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