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Whiteboard Wednesday: What Happens After Sign Up

On today’s episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, we’re talking about what happens after someone signs up for one of your campaigns. Watch the video below or keep reading to learn more about after-sign up behavior:

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We spend so much time crafting the perfect opt-in strategy that many of us lose sight of how to cater to these new subscribers after they convert. In this week’s episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, we’ll dive in to our recommended approach for what to do after a new subscriber converts.

First, ask yourself these three questions to put the subscriber journey in context.

  1. Is this person still on your site?

  2. If they leave your site now, will they remember they just joined your list?

  3. If a day or two passes and they still haven’t purchased, can you remind them to do so?

Let’s unpack that a little.

For starters, many marketers like to use some sort of incentive to increase the likelihood of opt-in, such as a coupon code, or a download, or a free gift.

1. Is this person still on your site?

Remember that the moment someone submits the form, they’re still on your site. Don’t make them leave your site to check an email. Instead, keep them on the site and reveal the gift or coupon code in an after sign up “Thank you page.” Add the coupon code or download link directly into the thank you page design. Think of this as the instant gratification phase.

Step 2. If they leave your site now, will they remember they just joined your list?

Delivering the thank you message while the subscriber is still on your site will increase the chances of a purchase before they leave. But if they do leave, you’ll want to be sure you have a great autoresponder set up.

This is a welcome email that sends immediately after they sign up. Similar to your thank you page, make sure you include the incentive you promised, an “on brand” message with your logo, and one call to action button linking them directly to your site.

Step 3. If a day or two passes and they still haven’t purchased, can you remind them to do so?

Finally, for those who did take the offer of a coupon code in exchange for signing up for your emails, you should definitely add a reminder email to anyone who has not used the offer. Set it to send 2-3 days after your welcome email.

People are busy, so even if they received your autoresponder and meant to get around to completing the purchase, chances are they didn’t. One final reminder notice while you’re still on their mind can double your redemption rate. In the reminder email, mention that their coupon code expires at a specific time to encourage a purchase in a last ditch effort to drive urgency.

And there you have it! Three clear steps to providing a helpful after-sign up experience for your subscribers, with a lasting impact on your business. See ya next time!

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Written by Ben Jabbawy

Go getter and ecommerce extraordinaire Ben Jabbawy is the founder and CEO of Privy. His passion for entrepreneurship has helped him empower and inspire hundreds of thousands of small to medium sized business for nearly a decade and he's not stopping now!

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