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Privy Roundup: Features Released in June and July

By Josh Mendelsohn
2 minute read

In case you missed anything, we've been busy releasing new features in June and July. Here is a roundup of everything new in the Privy platform:

1. Shopify Discount Creation:

Shopify and Shopify Plus users can now create discounts from within Privy using the Shopify Price Rules API. This means that instead of going back and forth between Privy and Shopify, you can create Master and Unique discount codes while building your Privy campaigns that will go live in your store right away. Read more about that at privy.com/shopifycodes

2. Spin to Win Campaigns:

We also released a new campaign type which lets visitors to a site enter their email for a chance to win awesome discounts and prizes once they reach your site. This new campaign type is highly engaging and is converting at a much higher rate for many of our ecommerce customers. You can read more and try a real live campaign at https://blog.privy.com/blog/introducingspintowin

3. Export and Report Improvements:

If you're on our Commerce or higher plans, you can now export the data for any report you create in the Reports tab. And for all users, we’ve made some enhancements to the export history page to make it easier to keep track of your contact and data downloads.

4. iContact Integration:

You can now sync your new contacts to any list within your iContact account.  Read more at: https://blog.privy.com/blog/2017/8/grow-your-icontact-lists-with-privy

5. Unique Coupon Code Tracking:

If you're using unique coupon codes in your campaigns, you can now see the exact code that was given to each person who signed up in their contact record as well as the campaign they signed up on. 

6. Contact Search:

We’ve added the ability to search and filter your contacts by a number of properties including unsubscribed, imported, order count, and current cart value.

7. Time-Based Targeting:

If you’re on our Commerce plan or higher you can now target your campaigns by “time of day” to choose what times you want the campaign to show. This is especially useful if you plan to follow up immediately on new contacts.

8. Improved Email Editor:

We’ve made a bunch of improvements to our email editor. Now creating and editing autoresponders and email series to send out of Privy will be even easier.

9. Numerous Bug Fixes:

We’re always cleaning up Privy to make it work better. If you have any issues, just contact us at support@privy.com

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