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How the Holidays Set You Up For Success in the New Year

By Josh Mendelsohn
2 minute read

Sell! Sell! Sell!

That’s what we’re all thinking during the holiday season, right?

Holiday sales can be a huge percentage of your annual revenue and the excitement and stress can feel overwhelming. Which makes the whole six-week period from Thanksgiving through New Year’s feel like a Rocky (or Creed) fight where the final bell signals the end of the story.


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The truth is that crushing the holiday season can set you up for success in 2018, going far beyond what you might have gotten in immediate revenue. Here’s how:

You’ve Built an Opt-in Email List  

When people sign up on your site, they are giving you permission to email them in the future. That means that you can easily tell potential customers about new products, promote special offers, and share useful tips on a regular basis moving forward .




You Have People to Ask for Feedback

Another way to use your new email list is by asking for feedback using a simple survey. Did they have a good experience with you? What else would they like you to sell? Would they recommend you to a friend? Where else do they shop? You can use all of this information to make decisions about where to invest your time and money for the year to come.

You’ve Got Tons of Fresh Data

Between your store traffic, purchase data, sign up rates, and discount redemptions, you’ve now got tons of data about your business and your marketing. Which products are your best sellers? What sources drive the most traffic to your site? Which offers drive the most sign ups? You get the idea. Take some time to look through the data, make some notes, and adapt your tactics going forward. It’s worth the effort!

You’ve Built a Strong Remarketing Audience

If you have Google Analytics, Adroll, or other tracking tools installed on your site, you can now remarket to anyone who visited but may or may not have bought. That means that for a period of time, you can serve up ads to those people as they travel around the web and drive them back to your store. It’s a powerful way to reach people and incredibly cost effective.


 Source: Google  Source: Google 


Remember, even if you’re not seeing immediate results, the hard work you’re putting in now is paving the way for a great 2018.

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