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Six Key Takeaways from our Black Friday Bootcamp Webinar

By Josh Mendelsohn
1 minute read


In case you missed it, we recently hosted webinar with week-by-week instructions for how to plan, execute, and follow up on your Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions.

It's a big time for online retailers of all sizes, and it should be a big win for your business.

Here are six key takeaways from the session to help you with this Black Friday:

  • Start today by writing down a plan and some goals: Knowing exactly what you hope to sell over the big weekend will help you create your offer and messages.
  • Create an offer that works for you and your customers: While shoppers generally expect some sort of discount when they buy, don’t offer more than you can afford to give.
  • Think mobile first: Most people will start their shopping from the comfort of the Thanksgiving day table or a nearby couch. Make sure your site and on-site pop-ups work correctly and are easy to read on a mobile device.
  • Get a jump on the competition: You don’t have to wait until Black Friday to start your sale. Start your Black Friday push on Thanksgiving or sooner.
  • Use pre-scheduled emails to drive people to (and back to) your site. Send a pre-sale email announcing your offer with some featured products, send a “sales starts now” email on Thanksgiving, and a “sale ending soon” email on Cyber Monday to make sure you’re top of mind for your shoppers. You’ve been hard at work building your list. Don’t be afraid to use it!
  • Stay active and alert on social media throughout the weekend: Reinforce your emails with free and paid social posts that promote your offer and your products. And keep an eye on any incoming messages to make sure you’re providing great support as people shop.

Missed the webinar? Don’t worry, we recorded the whole thing right here.

Black Friday Bootcamp 2017 Webinar

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