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New Data on Shopping Cart Abandonment [Video]

By Lauren Shepherd
2 minute read


Hot Take | New Data on Cart Abandonment


The State of Shopping Cart Abandonment

As an ecommerce merchant, you put a lot of time, money, and effort into driving traffic to your site. So when a shopper visits, you want to do everything you can to make sure that they complete a purchase.

But for a number of reasons, more and more shoppers are adding merchandise to their cart and then abandoning.

We know that cart abandonment is a huge issue — and we wanted to see just how large the scope of the problem was and what sellers are doing about it. So we surveyed hundreds of ecommerce merchants to discover the state of cart abandonment today.

To find out what we learned, watch the one minute video above, or check out the highlights below:

  1. 72% of merchants consider reducing the number of abandoned carts to be one of their top challenges. This is an incredible number. That’s three out of four online merchants knowing that they are losing out on a significant number of sales due to abandoned carts. 

  2. 40% of carts are lost each month. Nearly half of shopping carts are lost each month, never to be recovered. This means that the way we’re currently approaching abandoned carts just isn’t working.

  3. 65% of those surveyed are using cart abandonment emails. While this is great, this is what merchants should be doing at a minimum.

  4. Only 8% are using cart saving pop ups. This is a huge missed opportunity to rescue those 40% of carts that are lost each month. Cart savers are pop up displays that are triggered on the checkout page of a site just when a visitor is about to leave, helping save carts before shoppers ever abandon.

So what can we learn from this data? We need to rethink the way we are handling cart abandonment.

Cart abandonment emails can be extremely effective, but you can't begin a successful campaign without an email address. Therefore, capturing email addresses is the first step.

Use cart saving pop ups to offer customers an enticing discount, free gift, or other offering that they just can’t pass up. The offer creates a sense of urgency and encourages shoppers to take that next step and complete the purchase.

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By combining cart savers with effective email cart abandonment emails, you’ll be well on your way to saving more carts and driving more sales for your online store.

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