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Customer Winback Emails: Drive Repeat Purchases To Your Shopify Store With Automated Emails

Getting your first Shopify sale is hard. But getting your second is much easier. That’s because repeat customers are 9x more likely to convert than first-time buyers. So if you are investing money into building your email list and customer base, you could be selling a lot more by turning those one-time buyers into repeat customers.


Make More $$$ With Privy's Customer Winback Emails

1,000’s of Privy Email customers are driving repeat purchases through automated Customer Winback emails. That’s because repeat buyers are:


How Do Customer Winback Emails Work?

Customer Winback emails are a great solution to remind customers to refill products like shampoos or supplements. They can also work well for cross-selling your product catalog of clothing or candles to customers who haven’t been on your store in a few weeks.

Setting up these emails is a one time setup that takes less than 10 minutes. Then they send automatically to get you repeat purchases.. Once you design the email, you can decide when it is sent by selecting how many days since the order was placed. We recommend anywhere between 30-60 days depending on your fulfillment time.

And best of all, you know when these emails are working immediately. With a revenue attribution reporting, you can see exactly how much money these automated emails are making you once they go live.


Customer Winback Emails Are How You Build A Profitable Shopify Store

Think about all of the money you’re spending on acquiring a customer. Facebook ads, paid influencers, even spending money on press releases. So once you finally get a customer to buy your product, the profit margin is lower from all of your marketing costs. 

But once you have them as a customer, those costs drop significantly. Now whenever you want to contact them, all you have to do is send an email! And with Privy Email, there is no sending limits. This means that every repeat purchase you get from your customers becomes increasingly profitable since you aren’t spending marketing dollars on making the sale. In fact, Shopify recently told customers that:

“80% of the business' future profits come from buyers they've sold to before.”
-Shopify 2020 Q3 Earnings Call

This means that the more you sell to existing customers, the more profit your shop will earn.

Upsell Popups Vs. Cross-Sell Popups: What’s the Difference?

Most people use the terms upsell and cross-sell interchangeably. But there’s a big difference between the two.

  • Upsell: Replacing an item in a customer’s cart with a more expensive item.
  • Cross-Sell: Adding an item to a customer’s cart.

Ever been to a drive-thru? Then you’ve experienced the difference between an upsell and a cross-sell:


“Do you want fries with that?”


“Do you want fries with that?”

While upsells do exist in ecommerce, cross-sells are more common with small brands.

Try Privy's Starter Plan For $30/Month

Send customer winback emails, cart abandonment emails, newsletters, create popups for your website and much more with Privy's Starter Plan.

Privy Email Helps Shopify Merchants Drive Repeat Purchases

Abandoned cart emails aren’t the only emails that’ll make you more money. That’s why Privy lets you do more...

There are lots of tools out there for sending emails online, but the vast majority weren’t built specifically for small and growing ecommerce brands.

In fact, some of the biggest platforms out there, like MailChimp, don’t even integrate with Shopify—making it next to impossible to automate cart abandonment emails and other critical tasks that save time and money.

Privy Email is different.

From day one, it’s been designed to help ecommerce brands like yours send every type of email that will help you bring people back to your store and generate more sales:

Send professional-looking newsletters, promotions, and updates

Communication is key if you want to retain customers. Privy’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to send on-brand emails that bring them back again and again.

Turn one-time buyers into repeat shoppers with customer winback emails

Repeat customers drive 80% of ecommerce stores profits. Automatically email customers weeks after their last purchase reminding them to order again, or cross-sell other products in your catalog.


Save 10-20% of abandoned carts with automated emails

The average cart recovery rate is 7%. For Privy customers, the average is 16%. That’s because Privy email lets you send a series of cart abandonment emails. And once you set them up, you’ll automatically begin recovering revenue.

Continue selling after customers checkout with purchase follow up emails

Don’t stop selling once the purchase is made. Purchase Follow Up Emails are a great way to cross-sell an accessory, pass along a discount they can send to a friend, or ask for a product review.


You’ll Also Be Able To...

Create coupons that integrate with your store

Create master or unique coupons that automatically sync with your Shopify or BigCommerce store.

Save time with everything in one place

Already capturing email subscribers with Privy? Now you can get all your email marketing done with one platform.

Look professional without the effort

With beautiful, customizable templates and a drag-and-drop editor, you won’t have to spend hours trying to make your emails look right.

Pricing That Makes It Easy to Start

The Privy Starter Plan starts at $30/month.


Download Our 15 Favorite Customer Winback Emails For FREE.

We spent a lot of time digging through ecommerce sites to find out who has the best marketing emails. And thanks to our research (and the company credit card) we bought some awesome products and received some highly effective customer winback emails. Download our favorite 15 here for free.

get The (free!) templates

Try Privy's Starter Plan For $30/Month

Send customer winback emails, cart abandonment emails, newsletters, create popups for your website and much more with Privy's Starter Plan.