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Cart Savers and Abandoned Cart Emails: How They Work Together

You’ve put in countless hours building great products and fine-tuning your offers. So there are few things more frustrating than getting a customer inches away from the finish line only to have them quit the race, abandoning their cart.

Abandoned Carts are All Too Common

This is more common than you’d think: On average, 75% of carts across the globe are abandoned.

The concept of the abandoned cart email is nothing new. If someone leaves items in their cart for a certain period of time, it’s good practice to trigger an email immediately reminding them of what they left behind, or providing an offer to sweeten the deal. Even though they’re known to be supremely successful, less than a third of online retailers send them, according to data from Salesforce and Litmus.


 Abandoned cart emails definitely work. Businesses with average order values of between $100-$500 recovered at least 4% of their abandoned carts on average, while businesses with orders under $50 recaptured 3%, according to a new report from Klaviyo.

3% or 4% doesn’t seem like much, but that’s very real revenue that you can recover just by triggering a basic email. Add a coupon and that number increases:


  Source: Klaviyo  Source: Klaviyo


Abandoned cart emails, like coupon reminders, serve as a little reminder for folks who might need a little more encouragement to actually make the purchase. Many consumers use their cart more like a wishlist, leaving it for a few hours or even days as they decide. Or they might have been drawn away by any kind of interruption, and the abandoned cart email serves as a way to bring them back to their experience without any additional friction.

What if you could stop abandoned carts before they happen?

Abandoned cart emails work well, but only if you have their email address in the first place.

Pairing your existing abandoned cart email program with an on-site pop up can save those abandoned carts before they happen. We call this technique the “Cart Saver.” This can also help you gain email addresses to slowly warm up shoppers that might not be ready to buy just yet.

Cart savers use exit-intent triggers with a pop up display. By targeting your checkout pages, you can create campaigns specifically designed to prevent cart abandonment.

The best examples of cart savers that we’ve seen drive a sense of urgency for shoppers. Lots of offers can work—everything from free shipping to a 10% discount—depending on your audience. What matters is keeping your shoppers in the buying mode to close the sale before they abandon the cart.

To make these even more targeted, consider creating multiple versions of your campaign based on the dollar value of what is in a person’s cart. Using audience targeting, you can make sure your messaging is focused on the customer. Just as you wouldn’t talk to your regulars and first-timers the same in a brick-and-mortar store, you’ll want to create a different offer and message based on who they are and the value that they can bring for your store.

Cart Savers and Abandoned Cart Emails: How They Work Together

Every customer won’t magically be saved with the power of the cart saver. But if you pair that offer on your site with a timely abandoned cart email, you’re much more likely to win the sale.

Don’t stop there.

Ecommerce brands who send series with two or three emails for your abandoned carts generate the most amount of revenue, according to that same Klaviyo report. Setting up an email series for your abandoned carts reminding your shoppers what they left behind can really pay off in the long run.


  Source: Klavyio  Source: Klavyio


Put together a complete series:

  1. Cart Saver: The first line of defense, this campaign introduces your discount or offer and encourages them to stay on the page.

  2. Cart Abandonment 1: If they do abandon their cart, use this space to remind them of the products they had in the cart and include the same offer or coupon.

  3. Cart Abandonment 2: Prepare a similar message, but send it a few days later.

  4. Cart Abandonment 3: At this point, it’s unlikely they’ll purchase that exact cart. Use this space to remind them of your store in general, related products to the ones abandoned, and any other sales that might be happening.


 Boden sends these abandoned cart emails within a few days of each other. Below these header images are dynamic images of the items that were in the cart. Boden sends these abandoned cart emails within a few days of each other. Below these header images are dynamic images of the items that were in the cart.


One more note: Make sure your emails turn off if someone does make a purchase! You wouldn’t want to mix your messages.

Try it Yourself

Want to build a better abandoned cart program? Using a Cart Saver you can reduce your abandonment by over 10%. Learn more about how it works in Privy:

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Written by Kayla Lewkowicz

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