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What Is On-site Conversion and Why Should You Care?

If you’re not familiar with the term “on-site conversion,” it may sound complicated. But it's actually an incredibly simple concept that revolves around a few questions:

  • How many people visited your website or online store?
  • How many of your visitors gave you their contact information?
  • How many made a purchase?

When you have those numbers, you’re just creating a ratio that helps you know how well your site or store is performing. Watch the video below or keep reading to learn how to calculate it

Whiteboard Wednesday | What is On-Site Conversion?


Think about it this way. Imagine you own a store in a local shopping mall. On any given day, 100 people walk in to take a look around. Of those 100, two of them decide to make a purchase. You would have an in-store conversion rate of 2%.

Now think about that in the digital environment. If 100 people visit your website and two of them give you their contact information and/or make a purchase, you have an on-site conversion rate of 2% (and you’d actually be doing pretty well).

That’s because most of us are pretty bad at conversion. We spend a lot of time thinking about how to drive people to our stores or websites through different advertising channels, but we don’t spend nearly enough time focusing on how to interact with them once they get there.

Not sold yet? Let's illustrate it with some simple math. Let’s assume that every time someone makes a purchase from your site they spend $30. By improving your conversion rate, you can significantly impact your business without spending any more money to drive traffic to your site. 

Now that you know all about on-site conversion, it's time to focus on one type of on-site conversion critical to your long-term success: building an email list.


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