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Customer Spotlight: 3 Onsite Campaign Ideas to Engage Shoppers

By Meg Johnson
1 minute read

One of my favorite things about my job is seeing Privy designs in the wild doing really unique things to captivate their visitors and connect their brand to their products. In this month’s customer spotlight, we highlight three companies that are using Privy to go above and beyond to connect to their audience.

Landing page GIF | Grace and Stella

Customer Spotlight_Grace and Stella


Privy is most known for its onsite display pop ups, flyouts and spin to win campaigns. One not so well known part of Privy is the ability to create landing pages for your campaigns. In this customer spotlight example, Grace and Stella use Privy landing pages to create a product specific landing page that includes a special offer and testimonials about the product to encourage people to sign up. The use of a captivating GIF of the product at the top is engaging, and not only matches their site, but also adds an element of fun to the offer and makes it more memorable. Meaning their visitors are more likely to convert.

Funny flyout | Paleo Treats

Customer Spotlight_Paleo Treats


Anyone else hear Lionel Richie’s voice when they saw this flyout? It totally cracked me up and made me do a double take on this offer. Using humor is an awesome way to connect to your audience and make your brand stand out from the other millions of ecommerce sites out there. When on a site, it’s important that visitors not only see the products, but also see and connect with the brand. Paleo Treats use of humor indicates that even though their diets are no joke, they can still have fun.

Smile rewards program pop up | Great Bay Home

Customer Spotlight_Great Bay Home


Have you started a customer rewards program, but aren't sure how to get it up and running? Luckily, thanks to Privy’s Smile.io integration, promoting the use of a rewards program is easier and faster than ever. We love this example by Great Bay Home that uses a simple pop up to encourage visitors to view their rewards point balance. Visitors who see their point balance more likely to make another purchase to get more points, or will at least be reminded of past purchases they’ve made and the positive experience they had. Smile.io has a ton of really awesome features to help you create a rewards program that’s right for your business. 

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