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Build Your List: Turn Your Traffic Into Paying Customers By Growing Your Email List

Let’s face it, the best websites are converting only 2-3% of visitors into paying customers. This means that 98% of the traffic you are paying Facebook or Influencers to drive to your site is leaving without buying anything. This model is expensive and costing you both sales and time. That’s why over  500,000 merchants are using Privy Pop-Up Displays to build their lists and grow their sales. Privy Convert helps merchants:

  • Capture a customer's email address or phone number to build their marketing channels and help sell more
  • Connect with Shopify instantly with the #1 most reviewed app on the Shopify app store.
  • Choose from dozens of high-converting templates that are proven and tested by companies of all sizes in a variety of industries

15-Day Free Trial, no credit card required.

Remains free for any store under 5,000 monthly pageviews.

The Value Of An Email Is $15.98

After working with over 500,000 Ecommerce brands, we learned that $15.98 is the average revenue Privy customers generate per email captured in their first 90 days. That’s why it’s so important to focus on building your list from Day 1. Capturing more emails lets you build a relationship between your brand and your shoppers that will let you grow your business.

Why Should You Collect Emails On Your Shopify Store?

1. Grow Your Traffic

It’s difficult to get reliable traffic to your Shopify store. Ecommerce brands focus on SEO, paid advertising or even influencers. But none of them beat having an email list. Having an email list is a free solution to reliably drive traffic back to your store even after customers have left.

2. Affordable Marketing

Compared to running ads or paying influencers, an email list lets you continue promoting your products without having to pay for expensive ad placements or impressions. Helping boost your profit margins and bottom line.

3. Boost Sales

Everytime you run a promotion or launch a new product, you have an audience to launch to. This lets you grow your sales with every email you send. From sending out millions of emails, we noticed that email tends to make up 30% of most brands revenue.

4. Increase Your Average Order Value

With an email list, you’re able to promote special bundle offers and other products. And when you use it to promote your products year round, you’re able to drive repeat customers who have higher average order values compared to first time buyers.

5. Build Your Brand

Email lets you stay connected and build personal relationships with people who may have otherwise left your site and never returned. You can build your brand and connect with your customers through building an email list.

The Compounding Effect Of Growing Your Email List

Above all else, one of the best reasons to build your email list is because of the compounding effect it will have on your business.

Think about it this way. 

Every time you pay for advertising, you get your product in front of a potential new customer.

But every time you send a newsletter to your email list, you’re able to sell to all of your existing customers and shoppers who haven’t bought from you yet. For free. And existing customers are 9x more likely to convert than first time shoppers.

Building an email list is so important because the bigger you build your email list, the more sales you can reliably bring to your Shopify store with every email sent. The growth of your email list helps you reliably bring in more customers without spending more money.


Sales with a growing
ad budget


Sales with a growing
email list

Should You Collect Emails Or Phone Numbers With Popups?

In 2020, we have seen a big rise in text message marketing. And with 98% open rates, it’s no surprise why. Brands are using SMS to connect with their customers and build better relationships than ever before.

We recommend testing both channels on your Shopify store and then leaning into the platform that converts best for your brand.

And with Privy Popups, you can customize which information you want to collect in your form. Phone number, Email, Birthday… your options are endless.


Try Privy Convert Free and Begin Building Your List Today


No Credit Card Required.
Remains free for any store under 5,000 monthly pageviews.

Popup Examples To Build Your Email List

You can customize a Spin to Win to match the look and feel of your store, no matter your market or customer base. Check out these real examples from ecommerce brands using Privy Convert to capture more emails with Spin to Win campaigns.



Urban Skin RX

Skin Care Products

Pawty in a Box_Name Pop Up Example

Pawty in a Box

Pet Accessories Store


OAD New York

Blanket Store

Leesa_Email Sign Up Flyout


Mattress Company

Build Your List For Free By Creating Popups For Your Shopify Store


Create High-Performing Popups

Choose from dozens of templates or design your own from scratch with custom colors, fonts and images that match your brand.


Target Your Customers

You can customize the targeting of your popups by only showing them based on criteria such as site visits, URL, or even country.


Send Automated Emails

Once you’ve captured a visitor's email, you’ll be able to create an automated welcome series that follows up with your customers that gets them to come back to your site and finish their order.

Privy Convert Is More Than Just Popups

If you’re like most Shopify merchants, your backend is probably cluttered with apps that are really single feature products. Jumping between each of those windows and trying to manage them all can feel like a fulltime job (not to mention expensive).

That’s why we built Privy Convert—to give you all the essential tools for growing your list and building your ecommerce brand. All in one place.




Here’s what else you get with Privy Convert:

Cross-sell campaigns increase your average order value automatically

Want to increase sales without offering discounts? With Privy, you can suggest additional products based on what's in someone's cart. Set it up once and watch order size grow.

Get customers to buy more stuff with a Free Shipping Bar

Privy Convert’s Free Shipping Bar shows customers how close they are to earning free shipping, incentivizing them to add that extra item or two.

Stop losing sales to cart abandonment with exit-intent campaigns

You’ve already heard of cart abandonment emails (and Privy can automatically send those, too), but with exit-intent campaigns, you can stop cart abandonment while shoppers are still right there on your site.

Use them to display a reminder or coupon when customers are about to exit your store with items still in their cart.

What Other Shopify Merchants Are Saying...

Check out just a few of our 18,000+ 5-star reviews in the Shopify App Store.

Case Study: How Mountain Crest Gardens Uses Spin to Win to Drive More Sales and Email Signups

Mountain Crest Gardens is a small ecommerce brand that specializes in selling succulent plants online.

In addition to using Spin to Win campaigns to drive a 20% redemption rate on the coupons they offer, they are seeing 100+ email signups per day with Privy Convert.

“During peak season, there isn't a day where we don't have at least 100 sign ups using Privy's email capture tool (sometimes upwards of 300).”

Try Privy Convert Free and Get Your First Campaign Live In Minutes


No Credit Card Required.
Remains free for any store under 5,000 monthly pageviews.