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    How To Set Up A BFCM Offer On Your Shopify Website Using Privy (Step-By-Step Instructions)

    By Daniel J. Murphy
    1 minute read


    If you’re setting up a Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer on your website for the first time ever, you’re not alone.

    Hundreds of thousands of new stores were created on Shopify this year. Which means for many, this is their first-ever holiday season.

    One of the best ways to get website visitors to see your offer is to use a Privy Convert popup on your Shopify store (one of the reasons 18,000+ Shopify merchants gave Privy a 5-star review).

    Last year, Privy customers made over $865 million in sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday week alone.

    That. Week. Alone.

    And the #1 best performing campaign that helped them sell more? A welcome discount for new visitors to your website (like people coming to your store from an ad on Facebook).

    With Privy, it’s easy to set up this campaign. But we know you’re strapped for time over the next week, so to make it even easier on you, we put together this 8 minute tutorial showing you exactly how to set this campaign up.

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