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The Ultimate Black Friday Calendar

Everything ecommerce brands need to crush this holiday season.


The #1 thing you need to prep for BFCM and beyond.

You'll get an in-depth guide with specific dates to pay attention to and advice to keep you on track and have a record-breaking holiday season.

Why do you need the calendar? 👉

A sneak peek of what you get with The Ultimate Black Friday Calendar. Spoiler: Everything you need to bring in sales September through December.

Google Calendar with reminders

Weekly emails so you never forget what to do when

In-depth guide and checklist to keep you on track

Podcast episodes and a library of how-to videos

Never forget what's next.

With a full Google Calendar you can add to your account and weekly reminder emails, you'll get constant coaching to help you prepare for Black Friday and beyond.

So you never miss a step this holiday season.


Stay On Track With Our BFCM Checklist

Stay on top of everything that needs to get done leading up to BFCM and beyond with this month-by-month checklist. So you can stay laser-focused on what really matters. Having your best holiday season ever.

September October November December


Lay the foundation for BFCM success.

check  Focus on email and SMS list growth

check  Start sending regular emails and texts

check  Set your goals for BFCM

check  Plan the dates and holidays you're going to focus on

check  Come up with your offer(s)



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Prep your site, emails and texts to bring in serious sales.

check  Segment your audience

check  Plan your email and SMS schedule

check  Prep your holiday images

check  Test your checkout flow

check  Test your site on mobile


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Last-minute prep work you can’t skip.

check  Finalize shipping deadlines

check  Prep your onsite campaigns

check  Tease your offer(s)

check  Update your onsite campaigns

check  Be prepared to respond ASAP

check  Monitor inventory

check  Turn off BFCM-specific campaigns


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The final countdown is on.

check  Share holiday gift ideas

check  Send a shipping deadline reminder

check  Send a gift card offer

check  Send a post-holiday offer


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Get your copy of The Ultimate Black Friday Calendar.

Plus, get constant reminders and inspiration to crush this holiday season and drive record-breaking sales.