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Infographic: How Social Media and Ecommerce Platforms Work Together

Have you seen eBay or Amazon ads on your Facebook feed? Or perhaps eBay discount codes on Twitter? Perhaps you tried to make a purchase via Instagram or Pinterest recently? Don’t be surprised to find more and more footprints from the biggest ecommerce platforms throughout social media. They have partnered up and are ready to take over the world wide web.

Facebook first introduced Marketplace, where you can buy and sell items among the people in your community. Later on, they launched Messenger Payments and started selling tickets for events, eventually promoting eBay daily deals.

Meanwhile, Twitter first introduced sales alerts and then started rolling out a ‘Buy Now’ feature.

As for the rest of the social media platforms: 

  • Tumblr introduced a ‘Buy’ button.
  • Instagram integrated with Shopify so now we have shoppable Instagram feeds.
  • Pinterest implemented buyable pins and after a while partnered up with Target.

At the same time, Amazon made one of the biggest changes: They have created their own social media platform called Spark, which is similar to Instagram.

All of this information points to the fact that whenever social media platforms collaborate with ecommerce platforms, the shoppers and buyers end up having a lot more perks. For example, if you’re wondering whether a certain brand ships their products to your country, all you have to do is go to one of their profiles on any social media and ask them.

Most responses tend to be prompt. Or, if you’re having second thoughts about whether you should really buy a product and if it’s worth your money, just search for the product on any ecommerce platform and you’ll see a bunch of reviews from people who have already bought and tried the same item.

You can find these and many other ways in which social media and ecommerce platforms have been collaborating together in the infographic below from our friends at 16 Best:

Source:   https://www.16best.net/blog/social-networks-and-their-importance-in-ecommerce-gateways/


This post is a guest post authored by Josh Wardini, Community Manager at Webmastersjury and location-incapable Internet enthusiast. 

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Written by Josh Wardini

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