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12 On-Site Campaign Ideas to Start the New Year Right

New year, new you! If it’s one of your New Year’s Resolutions to grow your business (and it should be) then you’re probably in need of a little inspiration. These brands do a great job:

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If you’re ready to take your business to the next level in 2018, here are 12 campaigns you can run in the New Year that your visitors will love.

A Time-Based Welcome Campaign

This campaign uses a time-based trigger and a pop up display type to welcome your visitor to your site. It’s best to adjust your targeting for this kind of campaign to first-time visitors only; then, create a second version of the same campaign for returning visitors to welcome them back.

For instance, these designs are super simple, but they get the point across. They show a welcoming, warm message that directly addresses the visitor and an introductory offer as shoppers begin to browse.

You might already have this kind of campaign on your site—now’s the time to mix up your message or offer a bit to align to the new year. Maybe that’s a special sale or just swapping out your designs to freshen up your look.

An Exit-Intent Discount Campaign

Similar to a time-based welcome campaign, use an exit intent trigger—which shows the campaign as the visitor goes to exit the tab or browser—to offer your welcome message or a discount. Acknowledge that they might not be buying today but you hope to see them in the future.

In this example, you’re still offering a visitor something of value—a discount code—in exchange for their email address. This way, you’ll build trust by being helpful and providing a positive brand touchpoint, encouraging your visitor to come back in the future.

You’ll want to use your targeting rules to make sure that if someone saw your original welcome campaign, they won’t see this exit intent campaign and vice versa, unless you make the messages significantly different.

A Social Media Welcome Campaign

If you’re doing any advertising or social media postings, it’s a great idea to create a campaign that speaks directly to traffic coming from those channels. This is easy to do with targeting rules by traffic type (social), referring URL (“facebook.com”) or your specific campaign’s UTM code.

Take this example above from EF College Break, a touring company for people in their 20’s. They follow up their gorgeous picture of the Greek Isles with a pop up offering $50 off your trip to Greece.

Once you have the targeting set, then match your messages so you can create a cohesive experience for the visitor. If you have a specific Instagram ad, for instance, use the same image for your on-site campaign.

A Cart Saver Campaign

Cart Savers are a pop up campaign added to your checkout pages that remind your visitor what they’re leaving behind if they go to leave your store. Adding a Cart Saver into your on-site campaigns is a super-powerful way to drive revenue without a ton of effort.

This example from Wildflower Cases, a mobile phone case company, skips the email address in favor of a coupon code your visitors can use immediately—they even have a mobile version of their campaign, clearly tailored to their mobile-dominated audience.

You can make this even more powerful by creating several different versions of the same campaign based on the value of the merchandise in the cart using cart value targeting.

A Spin to Win Campaign

Consider swapping out your regular welcome campaign with a Spin to Win version! Spin to Win is a flyout campaign type that allows visitors to exchange their email address for a chance to spin a wheel and win a prize. This is a really great way to capture your visitor's’ attention when they come to your site.

In this example, Moonstone Magic, which sells cosmic-inspired and new age jewelry, offers visitors a chance to win a discount, while staying completely true to their brand.

Customize the Spin to Win with your color palette and the offers that make sense to you. It certainly makes a splash—and we’ve seen customers triple their conversion rates on a Spin to Win campaign compared to a standard welcome message.

A Free Sample or Bonus Product Campaign

If you’re burned out from offering discounted items all holiday season, don’t fret. You can still create a compelling offer for your visitors by offering them a small free sample or throwing in an extra product if they purchase a certain amount.

In this example above, Honest Beef, a sustainable beef subscription company, offers a free jerky sample when someone signs up for their newsletter. Since they’re all about taste, it’s a perfect way to get someone hooked on how great the product is with the added bonus of growing their email list to drive those people back to their site.

This is a great option at any time of year if you’re less inclined to offer discounts but want to entice your visitors to make a purchase. It could be something as small as a sticker or pin—what matters to your visitors is that they’re getting something for free. And that’s usually all it takes to tip the scales.

A Free Shipping Bar Campaign

Another offer to think about that doesn't involve a discount is free shipping. Figure how much someone would need to spend on your site for you to not lose any money on the shipping costs. Then, use that number as the threshold for your customers to receive free shipping.

A bar display type allows you to advertise the promotion and the coupon without interrupting your visitor from browsing.

These don’t have to be fancy. The example up top offers  free shipping over $25 and includes a spot for visitors to enter their email addresses. Or, skip the email address and focus on the purchase by offering a coupon code to all of your visitors, as shown on the bottom example.

This way, you can offer up an incentive for visitors to purchase without having to discount your merchandise.

A Mobile-Specific Campaign

Mobile has officially taken over our online browsing, so it’s more important than ever to optimize your campaigns for mobile users. Think clear, concise copy and display types that don’t take over the whole window, like a bar or banner.

Even better, think about creating a mobile-specific campaign. Combine device targeting for mobile devices with our mobile-friendly campaign templates and you’re good to go. You can easily adapt one of your existing campaign’s messaging and target only mobile users with a special mobile-friendly campaign. Just make sure that you change your existing campaign to only target desktop users so they aren’t seeing both.

This example from Nested Bean, a baby product company, illustrates how it’s easy to take a design for desktop and translate it into a mobile-friendly design. See how the mobile version is vertically oriented and includes fewer elements, which allows the viewer to quickly get the message on the smaller screen.

A Product Announcement

New year means new products! You’ve probably got a whole bunch of announcements up your sleeve (I know we do here at Privy!). To celebrate your new products or a return of super popular products that were wiped out during the holidays, consider swapping out your usual welcome campaign with a campaign speaking specifically about what’s new.

This is a great place to show, rather than tell. Use a compelling product image and show off your awesome new products! It’s ok to tease a little here too, as you can see in the example above.

This works for both new and returning visitors and has the upside of not needing to do a discount or offer. Mention that you’re always doing new things and ask your visitors to subscribe so they never miss any announcements!

This type of campaign also works with other display types, like a bar or banner, if you’re not interested in collecting email addresses but want to make some noise.

A Featured Product Campaign

Similarly, you can use your on-site campaigns to feature a specific product. Think about your most popular or newest products and show them off to everyone.

For your call to action, think about asking visitors to sign up to be the first to know about new products or, if it’s super popular, offer to let them know as soon as it’s back in stock.

Or, you can set your audience targeting to show specific products to returning visitors who have browsed in that category or on that product page. That way, you’re more likely to show them something relevant to their interests.

A Social Media Follow Campaign

One of your new year’s resolutions may be to grow your social following. The best way to do that is with the people who are already interested in your products and what you have to say. Instead of promoting your email list, add links to your social handles to encourage your visitors to always stay connected.

In this example, they mix product imagery with a simple message: Follow their social media handles.

This is a great campaign to run if you create a lot of content, hold events, or are otherwise involved in the community beyond your product updates.

A Loyalty Program Campaign

Finally, if one of your resolutions is to turn more of your buyers into repeat customers, consider promoting a loyalty program if you have one. If you run this campaign, make sure you adjust your targeting to only repeat visitors or returning customers, who are more likely to sign up for such a program.

Even if you don’t have a discounts-based loyalty program but want to retain more users, encouraging your visitor to create a login allows you to learn so much more about them—their preferences, order history, and so on—and also unlocks functionality that they might love.

Take ModCloth for example. Once you log in, you have access to wishlists, your order history, and a streamlined checkout experience. And while there’s no special benefit for those who have a login or not from a discount perspective, it makes shopping at their online store easier.

Get Ready for the New Year

Get your business ready for everything the new year can bring by trying out a few of these campaigns on your site.

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Written by Kayla Lewkowicz

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