Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ below apply to Privy's new pricing model that goes into effect for all users on June 24, 2019.

Looking for help? Contact support for help at or visit our Help Docs.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes! We offer a 15- day free trial of the Privy platform which includes:

  • Unlimited usage of Privy displays (e.g., pop ups, banners, bars, spin to win) with all integrations and no traffic caps.
  • Creating email newsletters, abandoned cart emails, and order follow up emails. (You must add Privy Email to send.)
  • All standard integrations for contact syncing, discounts, and audience targeting.
  • A call with a trial coach to review your displays and emails and recommend additional campaigns
  • Unlimited chat and email support
  • Live group training sessions

After 15 days, businesses with over 5000 average monthly page views will need to move to a paid plan to continue using Privy on-site displays (Growth plan) without interruption. 

When you're ready to enable your abandoned cart emails, order follow up emails, and newsletters, simply add Privy Email to your subscription.

How does Privy Growth pricing work?

Privy Growth pricing is based on the estimated volume of your monthly page views at the time that you upgrade. Every three months after you upgrade we will automatically look at your average monthly page views across those months and adjust your price tier up or down.

For businesses who are on a paid Growth plan for 3 months, these plans will autoscale based on the average monthly page views of the past 3 months. Privy will email merchants seven days before the change in pricing will be in effect. 

Visit the Billing FAQ's page and the Shopify Billing page for more details. 

How does Privy calculate page views?

Google defines a page view as “an instance of a page being loaded in a browser.”  That means that each time a page loads on your site with the Privy code loaded on it, we count it as a page view.

What happens to my campaigns if I don’t upgrade?

If our data shows that your average monthly page views are over 5000 after 15 days after signing up for Privy and you choose not to upgrade, your active display campaigns will be paused and not be shown to any site visitors. You will then be allotted 5000 page views each month starting on the first of the month before your campaigns are paused again. Once you upgrade your campaigns will be automatically re-published and your page view cap will be removed.

How do I sign up for the free plan?

You can sign up for the Privy free plan by creating an account at This will start your 15 day trial period. If our data shows that you average less than 5000 page views per month, you can stay on the free plan until you cross that page view threshold.

Do I get every feature if I am on the free plan?

With the free plan you get access to all of Privy’s targeting rules, standard integrations, A/B testing, and more. Click here for a full list. Users on the Privy free plan will have the Privy logo on their display campaigns and need to request access to report exports and javascript via our support team.

Is Privy Email included in the Growth plan?

No. Privy’s email marketing product for newsletters, abandoned cart emails, order follow up emails, etc is not included in Growth pricing. This is available starting at $10 month based on the number of mailable contacts in your account. Click here for more details on Privy Email.

If you only have the Privy Growth plan, you can set up one autoresponder email for each of your display campaigns to automatically send an email when your visitors complete a Privy form at no additional cost.

When does this pricing model take effect?

Privy’s updated pricing is available for all users as of June 24, 2019. If you were on a paid plan  (e.g., Plus, Commerce) prior to this date and decide to cancel you will not be able to access our legacy plans in the future.

I am on the free plan, how do I remove the Privy logo?

To remove the Privy logo, you need to be on the paid version of Privy. If your monthly average page views are less than 10,000, you can upgrade to the first tier of our paid plans for $20/month plan.

Are there other features I don’t get on the free plan?

White labeling of your displays (removing the Privy logo) is not available on the free plan. Use of JavaScript and report exports are only available to free users on request. In addition, there are a handful of features and integrations that are only available on custom enterprise plans such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration.

If my average monthly page views go up or down, what happens?

Every three months Privy will automatically look at your average number of page views for the past three months and adjust your pricing tier up or down if necessary.

Is support included on the free plan?

We offer email and chat support along with live group trainings for every Privy user and have extensive help docs. We want to make sure every business, no matter your size, is successful using Privy.

How do I get access to a Customer Success Manager?

Privy customers spending $250/month or more with Privy will get access to one of our customer success managers who can provide 1:1 training, strategic guidance and more.

Does Privy offer live training?

Yes! We run weekly live training sessions on getting started with Privy Growth and Privy Email as well as special topics like A/B testing, audience targeting, and more. You can see all of our trainings at

Can someone demo Privy’s Growth plan or Email plan for me?

Absolutely! Click here to schedule a demo with a member of the Privy sales team.

Looking for more help? Contact support for help at or visit our Help Docs.