Meet Our Team


Go getter and ecommerce extraordinaire Ben  Jabbawy is the founder and CEO of Privy. His passion for entrepreneurship has helped him empower and inspire hundreds of thousands of small to medium sized business for nearly a decade and he's not stopping now!


Before Privy, Peter spent several years at Microsoft near the head-quarters of the defeated Seattle Seahawks. Peter also worked in several small startups including Localocracy (acquired by Huffington Post) and a local online music sharing platform. In his spare time, Peter enjoys commuting to work and catching up with local politicians on Beacon HIll. He’s a Boston native and Ruby on Rails guru.


Ali joins Privy from Klaviyo where she built a world class partner program. As a integrated tech partner or agency in ecommerce, you’ll really enjoy collaborating with Ali. And don’t forget to ask her about her .400 batting average. A lifelong Red Sox fan, Ali learned how to bat from the master himself, Big Papi.


Josh brings his marketing chops and lifelong passion for jam bands, craft beer, and SMBs to the team at Privy. Having spent time working at SMB and ecommerce leaders like Constant Contact and Salsify,  he has a deep understanding of how to help small and medium sized ecommerce businesses be all that they can be. In addition to leading Privy's marketing team, Josh spends too much of his time managing his pug Marvin's instagram account. 

MEG JOHNSON | Senior Multimedia Designer

Armed with a degree from MassArt, a passion for avocados, and a "I'm going to crush this attitude", you can expect Meg to really elevate our approach to brand, design, video and most importantly, fun. Follow closely, or you risk a severe case of FOMO.


Most recently, Ted spent 6 years at HubSpot working with small businesses to implement inbound marketing methodology. Fun fact: Before transitioning his career to helping small businesses with their marketing, Ted was a well known surfer, known for pushing the limits. Word on the waves is that his surf life is the subject in the upcoming documentary, Bunker77

PATRICK MCLAREN | Engineering Manager

Currently on loan from Australia, Patrick originally came to the US to study mathematics. He is a passionate startup enthusiast, first dabbling in a business of his own at the age of 16, and most recently Memoread, a smarter flashcard app. Patrick also takes graduate studies in International Relations at Harvard Extension.


Originally from the Philadelphia area, John has since moved to Boston and is a true computer science rockstar.  He graduated BU Cum Laude and has a wide range of programming experience in categories ranging from medical devices to wearables. A multi-linguist who can speak English, French, and Spanish, John will also moonlight as our head of international expansion.


Mike is bringing his most recent experience from Netra + Bookity to the table. But don't be fooled, Mike may be fluent with the Mean JS stack, but he's really a nice, approachable guy. 


Jeff is a recovering email junkie from Constant Contact, and most notably, founder of the world renowned start up event, Jeffmanity Insanity. As we venture deeper into integrations, contacts, email and perhaps our own API, there's no doubt Jeff will bring a ton to the table. 


Jess joined the Privy support team from Constant Contact, where she was trained in the ancient art of customer support from Mr. Miyagi himself. Here's a clip of the early days of Jess' training. It was there that she spent years mastering her focus, her patience, and her ability to eat customer support tickets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Constant Contact, Hootsuite, Clavis Insight and Curata all gave it a shot, but the only thing that could break Erica's fingers was 12 years of playing softball catcher competitively. And yes, she broke every single one. But over the years, no customer, small or large, has broken her! Erica is here to enable customer success in every sense of the word.


Allina joined the Privy engineering team in her first job after studying computer science. But don't let that fool you, with experience working at Macy's and Target, she understands consumer retail first hand. She'll lean on that background, her extensive training in martial arts, and a passion for #girlswhocode to help us build innovative software products for ecommerce business around the world.


Give a warm welcome to our new Senior Marketing Manager, Lauren! Coming all the way from Minnesota, she’s earned her spot on the east coast by working for companies like Brainshark and Teikametrics to create content and lead generation strategies that increase website traffic and build brand awareness. Lauren’s passion for small businesses and content creation is what brought her to Privy, but her enthusiasm and love of good beer and all things Justin Timberlake are what make her the perfect fit for our team.

EMILY GREEN | Product Training & Enablement

Emily is no stranger to eCommerce, customer success and implementation. She joins us with a background from Klaviyo, CampusTap and more. You can catch Emily demolishing the Boston marathon, whistling through her teeth, or perhaps gardening outside. As a Privy customer you can be sure she's going to advocate for you, and help your business grow immensely. 


Steven joins the Privy engineering team with a combined 10 years experience in machine learning, computer science, a Ph.D. in computational neuroscience, and a black belt to boot. Basically he’s an absolute beast and we’re so excited to have him on board. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also known as “the Dude” in Boston’s underground bowling scene, regularly bowling a 300 on his last ten outings.


Hailing from Madrid, Ignacio joins the Privy engineering team with a background in computer science, and a Ph.D. in surfing. Thanks to his family in Northern Spain for sending him on loan to join the team here in Boston. Ignacio is going to work directly with our customers and support team to build new features, resolve issues faster, and help the platform scale.


Tom joins Privy as our SportsCaster in residence. Though sometimes confused for Stephen A. Smith,  make no mistake, Tom brings his own angle to every conversion, and his expertise form Localytics in mobile engagement will no doubt have an impact. As a Privy merchant, get excited to work with Tom to drive more leads, revenue and highlights from your ecommerce store.  


Reef joins the Privy engineering team with a background in computer science from Northeastern. Thankfully he decided to sideline his career as a world renowned music composer to join the Privy team. Between growing up in Saudi Arabia, and recent volunteer work in the region, blended with his creative and technical chops, we’re excited to weave Reef’s unique perspective into the fold!


Ryan joins Privy from ThriveHive, where he had been helping small businesses achieve massive growth with their digital marketing. Ryan can do anything. He’s as comfortable deadlifting 400 pounds as he is consulting you on a new set of windows for your home.  If there’s any guarantee, it’s that he’ll personally whip your commerce business into shape.

JESSICA LABULIS | Training & Support Specialist

Jess joins the Privy customer success team from Blackbaud and Constant Contact, where she empowered thousands of users to send more successful emails, and crushed tickets all day. The rumor mill has it that she used to take live chats while riding her cruiser bike through town. We’re lucky to have her, and as a Privy user, you’ll absolutely love working with her and her cat(s). 

KRISTEN CURTISS | Manager of Customer Success

We’re excited to have Kristen joining Privy. Her french horn playing, motorcycle riding, marketing background from Constant Contact is going to empower our growth customers to accelerate their growth at a whole new level.


Caitlyn is joining us from Wordstream, and prior to that Placester. Before moving into tech sales, Caitlyn spent time at cosmetology school, focusing mostly on hair and makeup and actually runs a side business selling cruelty free cosmetics products. She even had a shot at celebrity status for a Halloween makeup look she put together for the Ellen Degeneres show in 2013. Ellen fortunately dropped the ball, so Caitlyn now finds herself following her true passion -  slanging marketing software.


Bob is joining us from Blueconic where he was selling the dream of the "customer data platform". Prior to that, Bob spent some time at HubSpot (we bleed orange Bob!) and Thrive Hive, also known as the birth place of Ryan Smith. Bob is a world class rower, so he's always down for a quick race on the Charles if anyone would like to challenge him. 

ANDREW HOUSE | Technical escalation specialist

Andrew joins us from Constant Contact, where he put his support chops to work helping thousands of small businesses. In his spare time, Andy literally builds computers, so there’s no doubt he can help with all your technical questions. 


Josh graduated from Resilient Coders, which helped him transition his career from a Gaming hobbyist to a full stack developer. Josh can do it all, whether it’s nailing a buzzer beating jumpshot, or building powerful features in react.


Rob joins Privy from Hubspot, where he helped build and launch the Hubspot conversations product. He’s here to help us up our game when it comes to product experience, polish and design experience at a critical time as we expand our platform. A builder at heart, Rob is not afraid to get his hands dirty, whether that’s personally renovating his own house, or mocking up some new product designs.


We’re excited to have Jen joining Privy. Her background from the Boston conservatory and passion for all things people and opera will help us build a five star recruiting and employee experience here at Privy. Happy, challenged and growing teammates means happy customers.


Ariel joins the Privy support team from Constant Contact, where he used his technical and marketing skills to help small business owners succeed. When Ariel isn’t answering customers questions, he enjoys working on cars and music systems. Whether he’s helping rev up an old car or a new small business, Ariel is happy to help.


Tony’s passion for small businesses started as a kid while scooping ice cream at his grandpa’s shop in Michigan.   As the world moved online, he did too – helping small businesses succeed with email marketing as Chief of Staff at Constant Contact.   When he isn’t using data to help Privy users succeed online, he can be found keeping it funky with his bass guitar, family or friends.


Rachel’s obsession with employee experience has landed her the role of a lifetime as Privy’s first ever Office Manager. She keeps the team happy and the office in tip-top shape as our Chief Lunch Officer, event planner, den mother, and Marie Kondo-in-residence. In her spare time, Rachel can be found around Boston doting on her cat, caring for her pet hedgehog, and squeeing at every dog she sees. If you’ve ever walked your dog in the area, you’ve probably seen her and she’s sorry.


Having recently completed a 6-month trip around-the-world, Evelyn is ready to help bring Privy to the global masses! Most recently, Evelyn was a product manager at an early-stage startup, and prior to that, she was on the product marketing team at Salsify. She's thrilled to join the Privy team where she'll bring her enthusiasm for ecommerce, product, marketing and #SharkWeek.


Marisa joins Privy from Placester as our first Product Designer. She's excited to collaborate on our small but mighty product team to help make the platform more intuitive and contribute to features that help users meet their goals easily and efficiently. When she's not thinking about design systems and user flows, she's likely listening to a podcast or hanging out with her mini schnauzer, Buster.


We’re excited to have Melissa join us at Privy.  She has an eclectic background that spans from Marketing and  PR to Wealth Management. Melissa joins the Privy team as a Customer Success Manager where she will leverage her customer-centric nature to delight and inspire Privy customers.  In her space time, Melissa enjoys spending time with friends and family, working out and traveling.


Steve is joining the Privy team as a Customer Success Manager. He recently was an Account Manager at a small media agency in Seattle, WA helping customers create digital strategies with a data-driven mindset. When he's not strategizing with clients, you may see Steve out for a run or out at a concert. As a coffee enthusiast, he's always around to chat over a cup of joe!


Having spent time at multiple startups in the Boston area, Ian is super excited to work with ecommerce businesses small and large. Outside of consulting with our customers, you can find Ian at a local concert, brewery, or walking his new bernedoodle pup Monty!


Sunanda joined Privy from Wistia where she helped businesses leverage the power of video. Previous to that she worked for various tech companies for years, and in another life she worked with public health/human rights orgs, and is still passionate about those initiatives. In her spare time she loves to travel and try new food. Finally as someone who was raised in Michigan she is dedicated to repping all Michigan sports teams. Go Blue!


Jared joins the Privy team from Wordstream, and prior to that ThriveHive and Constant Contact. When he's not helping businesses grow, he can either be found on a volleyball court or behind the mic recording a new episode of his podcast!


Dewayne is joining the Privy Team as an SMB Account Executive. He recently spent 4 years at Constant Contact helping small business owners grow their online presence through digital and email marketing on both the customer support and sales side of things. When he is not helping small businesses achieve their marketing goals, he is enjoying quality time with his family and close friends who became family. Dewayne is ALWAYS down to grab lunch, especially if it involves TACOS!


Lloyd worked in a number of start-ups in the Boston area before deciding to join the Privy team and help people grow their e-commerce stores. Lloyd spends most of his spare time either with his nose in a book or writing his own. He pets every dog he sees and is always down for a chat about motorcycles, perhaps over some BBQ.


Anthony began coding as a hobby while teaching English abroad in South Korea. Since then, he has worked for several companies on a wide variety of web development projects, and brings over four years of experience to the Privy engineering team. Outside of work, Anthony enjoys spending time with his family, baking bread/pizza, traveling, reading, and playing video games.


Mike joins the Privy team from HapYak Interactive Video where he led several custom integrations for HapYak’s enterprise customer base. Prior to HapYak, Mike worked as a real estate agent, freelance web developer and a short lived Product Design Engineer at an early stage Real Estate tech startup. When Mike’s not coding or tinkering with new technologies, he enjoys spending time with family, hiking and going on weekend getaways.

Nicole Bulman |  Customer Service Rep (Billing)

Nicole joins the Privy team after working at multiple companies as a fraud analyst over the past six years. Originally from Connecticut, Nicole moved to South Boston in the fall of 2017. Outside of work, she enjoys board and video games, podcasting with her soon to be hubby, painting, and trying her hand at DIY-ing/crafting. She is also a huge animal lover and dotes on her orange tabby cat, Ben.

Colleen Keenan |  Customer Service Rep (Compliance)

Colleen is joining the Privy team as a Customer Support Representative with a focus on Compliance. She’s coming from Constant Contact where she started as a Customer Engagement Specialist and quickly moved up to an Account Review Specialist. She attended Hallmark Institute of Photography and continues to shoot freelance.  You’ll always find her hanging out with the dog at any party. Her dream is to go shark cage diving with Great Whites.

Gaite Adolphe |  Business Development Rep 

Gaite is joining the Privy team as a BDR. She’s worked at two other tech startups but has always loved e-commerce. She actually ran her own Shopify business for about 2 years. In her spare time she enjoys trying new restaurants, bike riding, and traveling.

Jack Binda |  Business Development Rep

Jack came to Privy fresh out of the University of New Hampshire and is ready to go. He joined us as a Business Development Rep. When he’s not in the office you can catch him at Dunkin' Donuts or on the golf course.

Jonathan Cooke |  Account Executive

Jon is joining the Privy team as an Account Executive. Having worked in a similar role at his prior company, Jon has a passion for helping merchants succeed in the ecommerce space. Outside of work you can find him enjoying Boston sports, surfing wherever he can find waves and skiing throughout New England.

Liam Feldstein |  Customer Success Manager

Liam comes aboard as a Customer Success Manager after working in a similar role at SnapApp, an interactive marketing platform. A graduate of UMass Amherst (‘11), he’s worked in a variety of marketing roles — content writer, editorial manager, marketing specialist — before finding himself at Privy. Outside of work, Liam enjoys going to the movies, playing video games, and securing a late-night table at Peach Farm.

Alex Manwaring |  BDR Manager

Alex joins us as Privy’s first ever BDR Manager! Most recently, he held the same role at Mavenlink, where he started as their first BDR in the Boston office and worked his way up to BDR Team Lead, and then BDR Manager. He loves meeting new people and is always looking for new vacation spots to explore, restaurants to try, and bands to listen to. Fun fact: in his free time Alex serves as the “Tambourine Man” in the locally popular Steve Rondo band.

Simone Vermette  | Customer Success Manager

Simone is joining the Privy team as a Customer Success Manager. She has past experience doing marketing for small businesses including her own brick and mortar clothing store, and most recently for a meditation supplies website.  When she's not championing the entrepreneurial spirit, Simone can be found spending time with her two kids, playing guitar or doing yoga.

Will Sagliano |  Business Development Rep 

Will is joining Privy as a BDR. He joins as another Placester Alum but worked last at Buildium. A Florida native Will moved up to Boston for school and to escape the humidity. Outside of work you can find him trying to eat everything in Chinatown, playing Fifa, or grabbing beer downtown with friends.

Nivi Nath |  Engineering Intern

Nivi is joining the Privy team as an Engineering Intern who goes to Tufts University. She really enjoyed her computer science class the first semester of college (shout out to an amazing professor) and has continued coding since. Nivi loves exploring the city of Boston, finding new restaurants, painting, playing with puppies, and is quite the chocoholic. She really can’t sing but one of her favorite pastimes include belting lyrics in the car with the windows down.

Jocelyn Brown | Account Executive

Jocelyn joins the Privy team as an Account Executive. Previously she held the same role at Promoboxx where she helped local retailers digitally market the brands they sell. A graduate of Syracuse University, she is a huge fan of college sports  and can often be found cheering on the Orange as well as any Boston sports team.

Rick Butler  | Account Executive

Rick comes to Privy from Litmus Software in Cambridge, and Cybba in Boston previous to that. Prior to getting into software sales, Rick worked at creative ad agencies for many years including long stints with McCann Erickson in New York and Hill Holliday in Boston.

Marco De Paulis |  Agency Partnerships Manager

Marco has joined Privy to bring his extensive agency background to the Partnerships team. After scaling an eCommerce and Shopify Plus partner agency in Philadelphia most recently, he'll be collaborating with Privy’s agency partners to help them do the same. Marco is often out and about the City of Brotherly Love playing pick up soccer or basketball, in the gym, or checking out a new craft brewery.

Casey Laughinghouse  | Business Development Representative

Casey is excited to join Privy’s Sales team as a Business Development Representative, coming over from Buildium.  After growing up in a small New Hampshire town, Casey moved to Boston to be closer to Fenway Park and TD Garden as he is a huge Boston sports fan. If he isn’t rooting for the Red Sox in the bleachers, Casey can be found going to local concerts at the House of Blues or going to see the newest movie in IMAX.

Lucas Salvatore | Senior Software Engineer

Lucas recently moved to Boston from Southwest Florida, where he spent time working remotely for startups Float and Estimize. His passion for building user interfaces led him to launch React courses on Udemy, teaching thousands of students around the world to code. Fueled by espresso, Lucas is excited to bring his experience to the Privy team as a Senior Software Engineer!

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