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Connect Privy to your Shopify Store

Privy was built to grow your Shopify sales.

Try the #1-reviewed ecommerce marketing platform Shopify stores use to grow online sales. Build your lists, save abandoned carts, send money-making emails and text messages — all in one place.

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Over 18,500 five star Shopify reviews


Everything Privy can do for your Shopify store

Privy gives you the best chance at converting visitors into customers through popups, email marketing, and SMS marketing in a single platform.

Grow your lists Interact with subscribers Sell more products Reconnect with customers

Grow your email and SMS lists faster

Turn casual browsers into loyal subscribers with customizable popups, flyouts, and other high-converting displays.
Welcome incentives

Incentivize new visitors to buy from your Shopify store. Offer a first-time discount in exchange for an email or phone number.

Interactive spin-to-wins

Signing up for your email or SMS list should be fun. Add an interactive spin-to-win wheel and customize your prizes however you want.

Mobile-optimized popups

Whether someone shops on their desktop, smartphone, or tablet, their experience wont be inhibited by Privy popups.

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Let your subscribers be the first to know

Communication is key if you want to retain customers. Privy gives you all the tools you need to stay in front of them.
Welcome email series

Add a first-time coupon offer, tell your brand story, and create a connection that will keep your email contacts engaged.

Brand newsletters

Announce new products, seasonal sales, limited-time offers, and other money-making promotions with newsletter emails.

Broadcast text messaging

Send marketing and sales texts to your SMS subscribers. Broadcast text is the perfect complement to your email newsletter.

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Get shoppers to buy more from your store

Give customers the nudge they need to add more items to their carts and finish their purchases.
Abandoned cart texts & emails

Notify shoppers in your email or SMS list when they've left items in their carts. Automate emails or texts to send after a specified period of time.

Cart-saver campaigns

Stop cart abandonment before it happens. Cart-saver popups show when someone is about to leave your site. Reveal a coupon code in exchange for their contact info.

Cross-sell campaigns

Launch product recommendation popups at your checkout stage that are personalized to the items in someone's shopping cart.

Announce free shipping

Add a free shipping bar to the top of your website and show your shoppers exactly how much they need to spend in order to receive free shipping.

Add a countdown timer

Create urgency on your website with a countdown timer. Shoppers will know they only have a limited-time to take advantage of your offer.

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Turn one-time buyers into repeat customers

Your store can't live on one-time purchases. Make buying a habit with emails and texts that keep customers coming back for more.
Customer win-back emails

Set up reminders and time-delayed offers to make sure your best customers never go too long without purchasing. Add a limited-time discount to sweeten the deal.

Post-purchase follow ups

Keep customers informed every step of the way with post-purchase follow up emails and texts. Ask for customer feedback on their purchase + a star-rating and review on your website.

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How to get started with Privy

1. Add the app

2. Complete the setup

3. Import your contacts

4. Grow your sending lists

5. Automate your emails

add privy to your shopify store

Click the 'Add app' button in Privy's Shopify listing. If you're not already logged into Shopify, enter your store URL and click 'Log in'.

Install the Privy app for Shopify

To connect your store, click the 'Install app' button on the install page. If applicable, log into your Privy account and select which account you'd like to link.

Import contacts from a linked account

If you already have mailable contacts, you'll want to import them into Privy to kickstart your marketing campaigns. You can do this via spreadsheet, a linked Shopify account, or manually.

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Now that you're set up in Privy, you can choose from dozens of pre-made popup templates that will grow your email list, SMS list, or both! Add a spin-to-win wheel, welcome popup, cart savers, and more.


After growing your lists, it's time to setup your email marketing. Choose your designs, set your targeting and triggers, add your coupons, and launch your campaigns. Automate your emails for maximum productivity.

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