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Here’s Why Mailchimp Customers Tell Us They're Switching To Privy Email

Privy Email gives small ecommerce brands a fast way to set up email automation for your Shopify store. Mailchimp customers often tell us they make the switch because they can set up their automated emails in minutes and start making more money today.

Starts at just $13/month.

What you can do with Privy Email:

Send professional-looking newsletters, promos, and updates to stay in front of customers

10-20% — that’s the rate most merchants get with Privy’s cart abandonment emails. Set them up once and start thinking about what you’ll do with all that revenue you’re recovering.

Save 10-20% of abandoned carts with automated emails

10-20% — that’s the rate most merchants get with Privy’s cart abandonment emails. Set them up once and start thinking about what you’ll do with all that revenue you’re recovering.

Set yourself up for repeat sales with order follow-up emails

Leave a lasting impression every time a customer buys. Whether you want to say thanks, ask for reviews, or suggest related products, order follow-ups do it for you automatically.

Drive more orders and sales with automatic coupon reminders

It happened again: someone signed up for a coupon (hooray!) but didn’t buy (bummer). No worries—Privy can automatically remind them to use the coupon with a series of friendly emails.

See how your email marketing impacts your bottom line

In ecommerce, every email you send should drive new sales for your business. And with Privy Email you'll know exactly how many sales you've driven with your newsletter or automated abandoned cart emails.


Compare those features with Mailchimp:

Send & schedule newsletter emails
Send & schedule promotion emails
Automate cart abandonment emails for Shopify stores  
Automate Shopify coupon reminders  
Automate Shopify order follow up  
Send to people that didn’t open
Send to people based on past orders  
Revenue reporting for newsletters  
Revenue reporting for abandoned carts  

Frequently asked questions about making the switch to Privy Email

Can’t I just use a third party app to integrate Mailchimp and Shopify?

You can, but our customers have told us there can be some issues. We’ve heard from merchants of duplicate issues, coupons being sent twice, things that can hurt your business.

Will I lose data from Mailchimp if I bring all my contacts to Privy Email?

You will not lose contact data. That’s why our compliance team manages all imports: to guarantee you don’t miss a thing. You can easily export all your Mailchimp contact data so when you are ready to import into Privy Email, you won’t lose anything important to your business.

Is Privy as easy to use as Mailchimp?

Hats off to Mailchimp, they did make their product really easy to use. But then again Privy does have 18,000 five star reviews in the Shopify App Store and the #1 reason for that is how easy it is to use (#2 is our amazing support team, by the way)

This seems too good to be true. Is the secret that I have to commit to an annual plan with Privy Email?

No. We don’t require an annual commitment. And plans start at just $13/month for 1,000 contacts. No sending limits.

Okay just to recap, why Shopify merchants tell us they are making the switch from Mailchimp to Privy Email...


You can’t directly integrate Shopify and Mailchimp without the use of a third party app.


Mailchimp is more expensive. For instance, if you have 5,000 contacts, Privy Email is just $30/month. Whereas Mailchimp's Essentials Plan would cost you $49.99/month and their Standard Plan would cost you $74.99/month for the same number of contacts.


You can’t have a cart abandonment sequence with Mailchimp and Shopify (only checkout abandonment) -- unless you use a third party app. This could mean you miss out on 70% of the carts that are abandoned on your Shopify store.

Get Started With Privy Email Today

Privy Email starts at just $13/month for your first 1,000 contacts.

Unlimited email sending. No annual commitment required.