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SMS + Ecommerce Platforms

Privy + Attentive

Use contact information collected via Privy to boost sales with SMS Marketing through Attentive.

SMS Integration
Connect Attentive and Privy

Connect to Attentive

  1. Click the Connect Privy and Attentive button at the top of this page. You will be redirected to integrations in your Privy account settings.

  2. Locate and select the Attentive option in the Available Integrations area. If you aren't already logged into your Attentive account, log in and select Continue.

  3. In Attentive, select the Authorize option.

    1. If your Privy credentials are associated with multiple Privy accounts, please select the Link option next to the account you'd like to connect.


That's it! Once linked, your Attentive account will appear in the Authorized Accounts section of your Privy integrations area. You can start creating campaigns to orchestrate your customer journey from Privy to Attentive. If you have troubleshooting questions, please view this help doc.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Privy?

Privy is an ecommerce marketing platform that helps online brands grow their sign-ups and sales faster through display popups, email marketing, and SMS marketing. Privy is trusted by more than 700,000 brands and is the most-reviewed sales app on Shopify with over 18,000 5-star reviews.

What is offered through the Privy + Attentive partnership?

Integrating Attentive with your Privy account unlocks access to an exclusive, Multi-Step Email + SMS play. This feature allows you to pair your email collection with Attentive's patented two-tap mobile technology to seamlessly grow your email and SMS lists. This streamlined play has the Privy features you know and love, and high-converting targeting conditions built right-in so that your play shows to the right audience at the right time. But this play is only available for merchants using the power of Privy + Attentive to scale their SMS marketing program. Learn more here.

US Patent Nos. 11,170,380; 11,416,887; 11,416,897

How do I make sure my Privy campaigns are compatible with Attentive?

An Attentive API Source ID is required to complete the campaign setup. If you do not already have this, please contact your Attentive representative to request it. Prior to receiving an Attentive API Source ID, your Attentive representative will look to see that you are displaying an appropriate legal disclosure. Attentive's standard disclosure language can be found in the example below.

How does Privy sync with Attentive?

Connecting Privy and Attentive will enable:

  1. Autosyncing of all Privy campaign submission that include a single phone number collected using the default Phone field from Privy to Attentive.
  2. Syncing of all default customer attribute fields included in a Privy campaign submission.
  3. Syncing of all custom fields included in a Privy campaign except for those using the multi-select checkbox format.

How do I know which types of messages a subscriber is eligible to receive?

When a phone number is synced to Attentive, that number will be 'subscribed' to the 'TEXT' channel for the type of messages associated with their 'Source ID'.

If the contact is a new subscriber, they'll receive a double opt-in text from Attentive.

If the contact is an existing subscriber, they may receive a text from Attentive letting them know they're already subscribed. When an email address is synced to Attentive, that email address will be 'subscribed' to the 'EMAIL' channel for the type of messages associated with their 'Source ID.'

Why won’t my signups sync?

Signups only sync to Attentive if the submission includes a single phone number collected via the default Phone (contact_phone) field. Fields with blank values will not sync. Similarly, fields with multiple values collected via multi-select checkboxes will not sync. The integration does not support transactional opt-ins.