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    Introducing Revenue Reporting

    By Evelyn Hartz
    2 minute read

    Today, we’re super excited to announce the launch of revenue reporting within Privy. Now, if you're a BigCommerce or Shopify merchant, you can measure the revenue generated across all of your on-site display campaigns, abandoned cart emails, and purchase follow-up emails.

    revenue reporting 4

    Why is this a big deal?

    Back in the early 2000’s, you could launch a website, invest a little in your marketing, and see great results. That strategy won’t work in 2019. At Privy, our most successful customers are constantly testing new channels, experimenting with new on-site conversion strategies, and meticulously tracking their sales and marketing spending.

    The value of an email address

    With campaign revenue reporting in Privy, you can view the total amount of revenue obtained from your contacts who have signed up for a Privy campaign and then made a purchase at some point after they sign up. This metric helps you assess the influence your on-site display campaigns have had on your overall sales.

    Here’s how it works: say a contact visits your website and enters their email address into one of your popups or other on-site displays. Privy will then track whether the user makes a purchase within the next 7 days. If they do, it will count towards the number that appears on your Privy dashboard.

    Across the Privy network, we see that on average, our users are generating $15.23 in sales for every email captured. That means capturing just 1,000 emails over a few months can generate upwards of $15,000 for your business! (Learn more here.)

    The message is clear. Investing in collecting emails from visitors to your website yields big results.

    Recover lost revenue

    Everyone deserves a second chance. With abandoned cart emails, you get another shot to convert customers who left your website with an order still in their cart. Now, with abandoned cart revenue reporting, you can see the revenue recovered from sending abandoned cart emails to your contacts.

    Here’s how it works: say you send an abandoned cart email to one of your contacts. If they make a purchase within 7 days of an email successfully arriving in their inbox, then the revenue from that sale is attributed to your email and you’ll see it reported in your Privy account.

    You also can view the revenue generated from purchase follow-up emails you send after a customer makes a purchase. With purchase follow-up revenue reporting, track the money you make from cross-sells and upsells to existing customers.

    We're beyond excited to offer email revenue reporting to our customers because typically, it's only a feature offered by some of the most advanced email service providers. With Privy Email you can get started for just $10/month. 

    The bottom line

    At Privy, we know how hard it is to start and grow an online business. With revenue reporting, you can be reassured that the efforts you're pouring into your business are paying off.

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