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Introducing 12 New FREE Privy Email Templates That’ll Help You Drive Buyers Back To Your Store

By Lauren Hall
5 minute read

New TemplatesEmail design can make or break your relationship with your customers. 

66% of people (especially millennials) prefer visually appealing designs vs. plain text emails. So a well-designed email can improve engagement and lead to higher click-through rates and more sales.

But creating amazing email templates is often really time consuming. And we know small ecommerce brands don’t have a lot of extra time on their hands.

Luckily the incredible team from Essence of Email, a full service email marketing agency for ecommerce brands, built 12 brand new templates to help you take your email marketing to another level without having to spend hours and hours to create them yourself.

These ready-to-use email templates for newsletters, order follow ups, and abandoned carts were built to help you drive more sales for your ecommerce store.

*These templates are free for Privy email customers.

Newsletter Templates

One of your most reliable tools for driving new sales is email newsletters. With every email you send, you should be able to drive sales. The only question is: how many new sales can you drive with your newsletter? 

Here are 8 newsletter email templates designed to drive people to your store and increase your sales. 

[Template #1] The OMG Flash Sale Template

Featured products
Click here to try this email template


[Template #2] The Perfect Weekly Newsletter Template (with social & blog images)

Recommended Products, Featuring Blog and Instagram Posts

Click here to try this email template

[Template #3] The Product Spotlight Template (with Instagram pictures)

Brand Messages

Click here to try this email template

[Template #4] The Stealth Mode Featured Products Template

Dark Theme

Click here to try this email template

[Template #5] The "It's Here!" New Arrival Template

New Arrivals

Click here to try this email template

[Template #6] The Social Proof Testimonials Template

Product Review, Testimonials

Click here to try this email template

[Template #7] The The Follow Us On Social Template

Join us on social media

Click here to try this email template

[Template #8] The Seeing Is Believing Video Template

Video stories

Click here to try this email template


Order Follow Up Templates 

Confirmation emails are often under thought by ecommerce brands. When used correctly they can be a very effective way to keep your customers engaged and turn first-time buyers into repeat customers. 

And with so many brands just sending boring confirmation emails without knowing how much value they can actually be delivering, this is your opportunity to really stand out!

Here are two order confirmation email templates that'll help with that.  

[Template #9] The "Hooray! Your Package Is On Its Way!" Template

Your package is on its way!

Click here to try this email template

[Template #10] The Order Confirmation With A Side Of Social Proof Template

Your order is confirmed. And were just as excited as you are!

Click here to try this email template

Abandoned Cart Templates 

On average, over 70% of ecommerce carts are abandoned. But brands with abandoned cart emails can save on about 4% of abandoned carts with every email they send. 

Here are two email templates to help you convert more abandoned carts into completed purchases.

[Template #11] You Left Something Behind Template

Your Bag Has Abandonment Issues

Click here to try this email template

[Template #12] The "There's Something In Your Cart" Template

Theres Something In Your Cart

Click here to try this email template

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