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23 Free Ecommerce Email Templates for Your Next Campaign


banner-pinterestMarketers know that email design can be so important for making a good first impression to new subscribers.

According to HubSpot, 67% of people prefer creative email designs over plain text emails. So a well-designed email can improve engagement, lead to higher click-through rates, and even more sales.

But creating captivating email templates can be time consuming, and you may become too busy managing your store to design templates.

Luckily we have 23 email templates to help you take your email campaigns to the next level without having to spend hours and hours creating them yourself.

  1. Flash Sale Email
  2. Weekly Newsletter
  3. Product Spotlight Email
  4. Featured Products Email
  5. New Product Announcement Email
  6. Top Selling Products Email
  7. Brand Awareness Email
  8. Customer Testimonial Email 
  9. Order Confirmation Email
  10. Purchase Follow Up & Upsell Email 
  11. Cart Abandonment Email
  12. Complete Your Purchase Email
  13. Best Seller Email
  14. Back in Stock Email
  15. BFCM Newsletter Email
  16. BFCM Customer Winback Email
  17. BFCM Cart Saver Email
  18. St. Patrick's Day Promotional Email
  19. Spring Marketing Promotional Email
  20. Mother's Day Promotional Email
  21. Earth Day Promotional Email
  22. Memorial Day Promotional Email
  23. Father's Day Promotional Email

*These templates are free for Privy Email customers.

Before we dive into the templates, let's go through the types of emails that you can include in your email marketing campaigns to drive sales for ecommerce businesses.

7 types of emails to include in your email marketing campaigns

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to drive sales with your email marketing strategy. Understanding your customer segments and how your product addresses their needs are key to identifying which emails types to use in your campaign.

Welcome Emails

Make your new customers feel special with a good welcome email that reaffirms the reason they decided to follow your brand by making their first purchase. Welcome emails are a great place to set the tone of your exciting new relationship!

Newsletter Emails

One of your most reliable tools for driving new sales is email newsletters because it builds up your brand authority in your niche. With newsletters, the key is to be consistent in your message, cadence, and CTA (calls to action). This will build expectations and habits for your customers.

Referral Emails

Referral emails are great for tapping into your customer’s network and gaining new subscribers to your brand. Chances are, your customers will have friends who will also enjoy your online store and this is your best asset for growing your email list and driving new sales.

Promotional Emails

Emails are an awesome channel to promote your products. You can get really creative with this type of email and run campaigns like flash sales, special offers for VIP members, and special occasions like Black Friday. This is also a really fun opportunity to get creative with your subject line!

Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails

On average, over 70% of ecommerce shopping carts are abandoned at checkout. But brands with abandoned cart emails can turn approximately 4% of abandoned carts into sales with every email they send. Think about how you can emphasize the value of your product and increase your conversion rate.

Upsell & Cross-sell Emails

Transactional emails like shipping confirmation and order confirmation emails are an underrated opportunity to upsell and cross-sell to customers. When used correctly, they can be a very effective way to keep your customers engaged and turn first-time buyers into repeat customers. Spruce up your boring confirmation email by adding value and help your ecommerce business stand out!

Winback Emails

A great way to nudge your customers and stay at the top of their mind is to send winback emails. These emails help drive repeat sales and can be used as another opportunity to cross-sell items. For example, you can send winback emails to cross-sell jeans that typically go with a sweater your customer purchased. Winback emails work, as repeat customers are nine times more likely to convert than new customers.

#1. Flash sale email template

Flash sale email template
Try this email template for free

#2. Weekly newsletter email template (with images & social media)

Weekly Newsletter Email Template

Try this email template for free

#3. Product spotlight email template

Product Spotlight Email Template

Try this email template for free

#4. Featured products email template

Dark Theme

Try this email template for free

#5. New product announcement email template

New Product Email Template

Try this email template for free

#6. Top selling products email template

Product Review, Testimonials

Try this email template for free

#7. Brand awareness email template

Join us on social media

Try this email template for free

#8. Customer testimonial email template

Video stories

Try this email template for free

#9. Order confirmation email template

Order Confirmation Email Template
Try this email template for free

#10. Order confirmation + upsell email template

Upsell Email Template

Try this email template for free

#11. Cart abandonment email template

Your Bag Has Abandonment Issues

Try this email template for free

#12. Complete your purchase email template

Complete Your Purchase Email Template

Try this email template for free

#13. Best seller email template


Try this email template for free

#14. Back in stock email template

back-in-stockTry this email template for free

#15. BFCM newsletter email template

Happy-Sales-Newsletter-TemplateTry this email template for free

#16. BFCM customer winback email template

Neon-Tags-Customer-Winback-EmailTry this email template for free

#17. BFCM cart saver email template

Sale-ACE-Cart-AbandonmentTry this email template for free

#18. St. Patrick's Day email template

St Patricks Day Email TemplateTry this email template for free

#19. Springtime email marketing template

Privy Spring Template 2Try this email template for free

#20. Mother's Day email template

Privy Mothers Day template 2

Try this email template for free

#21. Earth Day email template


Try this email template for free

#22. Memorial Day email template

memorial day email marketing template

Try this email template for free

#23. Father's Day email template

Privy Fathers Day Email Template 2Try this email template for free

Email template FAQs

What types of ecommerce emails are there?

Generally speaking, there are 7 types of ecommerce marketing emails to target different stages of the customer journey. They are welcome emails, referral emails, re-engagement emails, promotional emails, abandoned cart emails, up-sell emails, and cross-sell emails.

How do I make an email template?

To make an email template, you will need an email marketing tool. Then, identify the format and key pieces you want to include in your email template such as: email banner design, brand logo, relevant content blocks, and calls to action. You can make the template as simple or as complex as you need it to be depending on the purpose of the email.

Where can I find the best free email templates?

Free email templates are available from many email design websites and email marketing tools. Privy Email includes every email template in this article for free when you sign up.

How can I create a professional email template?

When creating professional email templates, don’t start from scratch! Key things to consider are to clearly define your brand voice, purpose of the email, design with web and mobile in mind, and include relevant calls to action.

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Written by Lauren Hall

Lauren is a Brand Marketing Associate at Privy. She's the brains behind all things content. When she's offline, she's obsessing over her Bernedoodle pup, Monster, and plotting ways to being a full-time Vermonter ASAP.

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