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Lessons From 25 Inspirational Shopify Stores


In 2020, almost 457 million people purchased something from a Shopify merchant. And if you’re an ecommerce seller looking to capitalize on that, then you need a store that differentiates itself from its competitors. When there are more than 3 million ecommerce stores on Shopify alone, it can be tough to find that magic formula for success.

The good news, though, is the best Shopify stores have found ways to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers. Some may focus on their inspiring background story or the eco-friendliness of their products. Others rely on eye-catching page design or attention-grabbing popups. If you’re considering starting a new Shopify store or revamping your existing one, then check out this list of 25 of our favorite inspiring Shopify store examples for ideas, tips, and tricks.

1. Fly by Jing

Screenshot from Fly by Jing's website

What they sell: Fly By Jing offers hot sauce in flavors such as Mala Spice Mix and Sichuan Chili Crisp, inspired by the company founder’s heritage and the restaurants in the Sichuan province of China.

The Shopify lesson: This online store uses bright colors and animation to capture customer attention quickly. A free shipping bar at the top of the page lets the customer know how much they need to spend to earn free shipping.

2. Usual Wines

Screenshot from Usual Wine's websiteWhat they sell: Usual Wines sells wine with no additives and no sweeteners sourced from sustainable farms. Their wines are delivered in single-serve glasses for maximum freshness.

The Shopify lesson: First-time visitors are greeted with a welcome popup offering 20 percent off their order, which could help bring in new customers who may only try their product for a discount.

3. Lunya

Screenshot from Lunya's websiteWhat they sell: Lunya creates high-quality leisurewear. They emphasize the importance of “Otium,” which is the time when people relax and get away from work or stress.

The Shopify lesson: Lunya’s page design uses a white, minimalist background to draw attention to their products. They also have a welcome popup offering $20 off a first order.

4. Cadence

Screenshot from Cadence's websiteWhat they sell: Cadence makes magnetic, recycled plastic containers designed to fit together and save space. The containers are used to organize self-care items like lotion, vitamins, or shampoo while you're on the go.

The Shopify lesson: Their sleek web design clearly communicates what they do and what makes their product impactful. They also have a welcome popup on their site offering a discount of $14 off 6 or more capsules.

5. Behave

Screenshot from Behave's websiteWhat they sell: Behave makes sweet and sour gummy bears that are low-sugar, making them a healthier alternative to traditional gummies.

The Shopify lesson: Their website’s colorful design makes it memorable, with bold blue, lime green, and other accent colors. They also have a welcome popup that offers free shipping.

6. Blume

Screenshot from Blume's websiteWhat they sell: Blume’s all-natural bathroom products include face wash, deodorant, period starter packs, and more – with a mission to “set a new standard for skin, body and period care.”

The Shopify lesson: Their page is very user-friendly, making it easy to see their products. They also display a welcome popup with a 10 percent off discount.

7. Haus

Screenshot from Haus' websiteWhat they sell: Haus makes all-natural aperitifs, which have a higher alcohol content than wine, but less than whiskey.

The Shopify lesson: They utilize a free shipping bar at the top of each page, letting customers know that orders over $50 get free shipping.

8. Jot

Screenshot from Jot's websiteWhat they sell: Jot’s Ultra Coffee is a liquid 20 times more powerful than traditional coffee.

The Shopify lesson: Their website uses animation to draw attention to their products as the user scrolls down the home page. They also offer a try-risk-free option for customers.

9. Olipop

Screenshot from Olipop's websiteWhat they sell: Olipop sells natural soda made to help the digestive system. It comes in flavors like strawberry vanilla, root beer, and more.

The Shopify lesson: Their homepage clearly shows the nutritional benefits of their sodas and what’s in them. They also have a popup offering 15 percent off to become a newsletter subscriber.

10. AYR

Screenshot from AYR's websiteWhat they sell: All Year Round (AYR) sells jeans, t-shirts, jackets, and other quality clothing items in both their online store and their brick-and-mortar locations.

The Shopify lesson: Their page greets potential customers with a spin-to-win popup, which we’ve found can yield insanely high conversion rates for Privy users. They also have another popup that will show after the visitor has been on the page for a few seconds.

11. Evermill

Screenshot from Evermill's websiteWhat they sell: Evermill sells organic spices that come directly from the source, as well as spice racks and containers to store them in, which helps with kitchen organization.

The Shopify lesson: This successful Shopify store has a discount bar at the top of the page that offers $30 off a first spice rack order. They also display it at the bottom right corner of the page for maximum visibility. Plus, they offer a convenient text-to-refill option for customers to order more spices.

12. Fresh Sends

Screenshot from Fresh Sends' websiteWhat they sell: Fresh Sends creates custom bouquets and cards customers can send to friends and loved ones. Their flowers are chosen based on seasonality and freshness.

The Shopify lesson: This online business uses a 10 percent off welcome popup, as well as a subscribe and save option for those who send flowers often.

13. Tossware

Screenshot from Tossware's websiteWhat they sell: Tossware offers a variety of recycled plastic drinkware with printed and customizable designs.

The Shopify lesson: This Shopify store has a free shipping bar at the top of the page and will also tell the customer when they’ve earned free products. They also have a timed popup offering a discount once someone signs up for their newsletter, which gives them more opportunities for email marketing.

14. Juli

Screenshot from Juli's websiteWhat they sell: Juli’s jewelry-cleaning high-quality products help keep diamonds looking sparkling and beautiful. They sell kits, cleansers, and bundles.

The Shopify lesson: The white background plays a huge role in the website design, letting the product images speak for themselves. Juli also gives a 15 percent off discount for those who place subscription orders.

15. Muddy Bites

Screenshot from Muddy Bites' websiteWhat they sell: If you’ve ever wanted a waffle cone without the ice cream, then Muddy Bites has them for you. They sell bags of the bottom part of the cone with either milk chocolate or dark chocolate inside.

The Shopify lesson: Customers can easily see product reviews, and Muddy Bites also has a free shipping bar along with a welcome popup that offers a chance at a free product giveaway in exchange for signing up for their newsletter.

16. Salt & Stone

Screenshot from Salt & Stone's websiteWhat they sell: Salt & Stone sells high-performance botanical skincare in recyclable packaging made from ocean plastic and post-consumer recycled materials.

The Shopify lesson: This online retailer uses a subscribe and save 10 percent popup offer that shows once the potential customer has been on the page for about 10 seconds. Each product page has a minimalist design and short product descriptions that get right to the point.

17. Human Improvement

Screenshot from Human Improvement's websiteWhat they sell: Human Improvement’s clean, sustainable protein powder comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors that help promote overall health.

The Shopify lesson: This store offers 15 percent off a customer’s first order, and a welcome popup gives a 20 percent discount plus a chance to win two free boxes of protein powder and a metal protein shaker. The webpage also has a fun, clean design.

18. Lupii

Screenshot from Lupii's websiteWhat they sell: This store sells vegan protein bars in flavors like Tahini lemon cranberry, cashew ginger pumpkin seed, and more.

The Shopify lesson: Their webpage header has animated text that immediately catches attention, and visitors are also welcomed with a popup for 15 percent off. Lupii also uses an icon in the corner of the page, enticing people to sign up for their rewards program.

19. July

Screenshot from July's websiteWhat they sell: On their Shopify website, July sells environmentally-friendly, Wi-Fi-capable A/C window units that come in a variety of colors.

The Shopify lesson: They welcome page visitors with the ability to chat with support and offer an option to pay $50 down to reserve a unit. This Shopify website also displays customer success stories.

20. Terrelique

Screenshot from Terrelique's websiteWhat they sell: This ecommerce business sells premium indoor slides that help your feet absorb the stress of walking around on hard floors.

The Shopify lesson: Terrelique offers customers exclusive sales in exchange for sharing their email address.

21. Bippy

Screenshot from Bippy's websiteWhat they sell: Bippy’s bamboo toilet paper is eco-friendly and helps to save trees. They also sell a toilet paper foam that turns dry toilet paper into wet wipes.

The Shopify lesson: Their website does a good job of grabbing the attention of their target audience with lighthearted copy, helping them to navigate potentially awkward subject matter. They also provide a 10 percent discount through a welcome popup in an attempt to capture customer data before the checkout process.

22. Seedlip

Screenshot from Seedlip's websiteWhat they sell: This online store sells non-alcoholic spirits in 3 different flavors that are allergy-friendly, calorie-free, and sugar-free.

The Shopify lesson: Seedlip’s webpage effectively uses animation to get the attention of a prospective buyer as the bee buzzes across the top of the page and lands on the bottles.

23. Caraway

Screenshot from Caraway's websiteWhat they sell: Caraway’s ecommerce site sells non-toxic ceramic cookware, storage solutions, and kitchen linens.

The Shopify lesson: Customers get a welcome popup with an offer for free shipping, and Caraway also provides a “try before you buy” option. They gave customer reviews a prominent spot on the homepage, too.

24. Halfdays

Screenshot from Halfday's websiteWhat they sell: Halfdays sells women’s skiwear and outdoor apparel, including jackets, pants, tops, and leggings.

The Shopify lesson: In the hero section of their home page, they have an email signup that gives access to a 24-hour presale. The site also has a section devoted to their Instagram feed to promote social media interaction.

25. Sitdown

Screenshot from Sitdown's websiteWhat they sell: Sitdown offers a variety of colorful, recyclable tablescapes that make it easy to entertain guests in a unique way and clean up afterward.

The Shopify lesson: They, like other top Shopify stores, use a welcome popup to advertise a discount, which is free shipping on a customer’s first order.

Stand out from the competition

If you’re running a Shopify store and trying to stand out from the competition, you can borrow tactics from the stores on this list. Pick a Shopify theme that is user-friendly, add animations or use attractive color schemes, and add in popups to build longterm relationships with your site visitors. To really stand out, use Privy’s all-in-one platform to make your Shopify store pop with enticing welcome popups, free shipping bars, and more.

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Written by Lauren Hall

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