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    Cookies & Audience Targeting | How Does This Sh!t Work

    By Josh Mendelsohn
    1 minute read

    On today's installment of How Does This Sh!t Work, Josh and Meg discuss internet cookies and the recipe to audience targeting.

    Cookies & Audience Targeting | How Does This Sh!t Work

    What are internet cookies?

    A cookie is just one or more pieces of information stored as text strings on your computer. When you visit a website, a web server sends you a “cookie”  (aka a short snippet of text) and that makes it possible for them to track what you are doing and serve you a more customized experience. Your browser stores this information, and then returns the cookie to the server the next time the page is referenced.

    Can cookies give my computer viruses?

    Nope! They're just short text strings, they're not storing any information that can impact your computer. They can often make browsing better by allowing a server to recall customized information and serve you more relevant content.

    What do they have to do with Privy?

    Cookies are a way you can use audience targeting within Privy to deliver more relevant messages to the visitors on your site. You can target users by how many times they've been to your site, what device they're using, location and many more. 

    What’s the point of audience targeting? Do you actually see results?

    Absolutely, audience targeting can be super impactful. It's like deciding if you want to say one message to everyone, or say a much more targeted message to different subsections of visitors. For example, imagine just saying "Hi" to everyone on the street that passes by, not recognizing that you may know them. Instead, you could target users who you know have been to your site before and say "Welcome back!". This allows you to build that positive relationship with the site visitor, and since you've recognized that they've been to your site before, you can suggest more relevant content.  

    "Welcome back" campaigns, are great for people who have been to your site before and not made a purchase. Another great way to use audience targeting is country based - for example, we have several customers who have different shipping rules for different countries, so they targets their messages accordingly. 

    If targeting by device, for mobile, using "second page visited during a session" targeting condition as a great way to avoid google penalties and let visitors see what you're all about before you ask them to sign up. 

    Want to learn more about audience targeting?

    Read The Ecommerce Marketer's Guide To Advanced Audience Targeting.

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