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In the US alone, more than 160 million people have made a purchase with their mobile device. And according a recent report from Oracle, that number includes 75% of Gen-Xers and 92% of millennials. In this guide, we go over how to use on site displays to turn more mobile visitors into email subscribers and customers.

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Guide to Audience Targeting

Learn how to deliver the right message to the right visitor at the right time with
this free downloadable guide on
audience targeting.

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Help Guides

Privy is designed to be easy to use, and self service. We know you want to move fast,
but sometimes how to guides can help
pave the way.



In January 2018, we conducted research among more than 500 small- and medium-sized ecommerce businesses to find out what was working best for them, what their biggest challenges are, and how they find their inspiration to keep going.

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Abandoned cart research report

One of the hottest topics in ecommerce is how to reduce the number of carts that get abandoned and how to recover them once people leave a site. Here is some data we collected to help you learn more about your shoppers and save more carts.

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Privy Academy

Learn step-by-step how to increase conversion on your site with Privy Academy. These short, easy to understand lessons will help you get started in no time.

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Whiteboard Wednesday

Get up to speed on key ecommerce and on-site conversion topics in less than 5 minutes with our weekly video series. 


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The Privy Blog

We regularly release new articles and resources on our blog. Check our blog for frequent updates, announcements and more great marketing content.

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List Growth 101

This is a getting-started resource for growing your email list. It's a visual manifesto on our recommendations on where to begin.



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