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Sign up for one of our free trainings and ask your questions live. We cover everything from email list growth, to cart abandonment strategies, and all email marketing in between.

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Ecommerce is hard.

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In a world where everyone is drowning in information, this podcast can be the one stop shop for everything you need to know about growing your ecommerce business in 2020 and beyond.



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We took notes so you don't have to

Sign-up for any of our free Privy Mini-Courses. They're email-based courses and get straightforward ecommerce advice delivered directly to your inbox! We'll cover lessons learned from Away, Monica + Andy and other leading direct-to-consumer companies that you can apply right away.

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We're happy to help!



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Our customers do incredible things with Privy. Check out our customer examples galleries or head to our case studies and read success stories from small businesses just like you. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a top problem for over 72% of merchants. Most merchants today are approaching the problem all wrong. In this guide, we'll highlight the most important components of a successful cart abandonment strategy.

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Ecommerce Trends Report

In January 2018, we conducted research among more than 500 small- and medium-sized ecommerce businesses to find out what was working best for them, what their biggest challenges are, and how they find their inspiration to keep going.

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Abandoned Cart
Research Report

One of the hottest topics in ecommerce is how to reduce the number of carts that get abandoned and how to recover them once people leave a site. Here is some data we collected to help you learn more about your shoppers and save more carts.

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