Integrated with everything.

Well, maybe not everything, but Privy offers tons of integrations with popular email service providers, site-builders, and other marketing platforms. Collect additional subscriber data using dropdowns, multiple choice, text fields, hidden fields and more. Then sync all subscriber info directly to your existing email marketing system. 

Website Builders and eCommerce Platforms

Easily install Privy on your site  with these plugins.

  • Privy + BigCommerce

Email Service Providers

Automatically sync new emails with these services. 

  • Privy and Infusion Soft
  • static1.squarespace-5-7
  • BizzyLogo
  • Privy and Mailrelay

Custom Integrations

Our team regularly builds custom integrations to the following platforms for an additional fee.

  • EmarsysDesigns-Logo3

Facebook Marketing Platforms

Encourage new and existing subscribers to opt-in for Facebook Messages

OctaneAi_Logo      ShopMessage Logo 


Engage and reward your members via email and on-site displays


Cart Abandonment Services

Automatically sync contacts and save more carts.


Retargeting Services

Easily sync your contacts, then target them with ads.



Notification Services

Get real-time notifications about leads



And thousands of other services.

Connect Privy to Zapier to move your data anywhere you need


Start growing your list and your online sales with Privy today.

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