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Introducing Product Segmentation for Privy Email and Privy Text – Drive More People Back To Your Website With Personalized Emails & Texts

ProductSegmentation_edit-01Imagine you left your phone at a restaurant. 

Worst feeling. I know. 

But before you even noticed the waiter comes running out after you and says “you left something at the restaurant come back and find out what you left.” 

You’d be like: “Wait, why can’t you just tell me what I left?” 

Without context, you’re not motivated to do anything. 

Now imagine the waiter came running out with your phone in hand (pretend this scenario is happening pre COVID-19 and the thought of a random person handling your phone doesn’t freak you out) and he said to you “hey, you forgot your phone, here you go

That’s what you would expect to happen, right? That’s normal human behavior. 

Okay, now let’s apply that logic to your abandoned cart emails.

Instead of just a generic “you left something in your cart, come back to complete purchase” message, your abandoned cart emails should remind your buyers exactly what they left and make it easy for them to complete their purchase

That’s why today we’re introducing product segmentation into Privy Email & Privy Text. So you can send smarter emails and texts that’ll drive your buyers back to your website. 

Here’s how it works

My friend runs a chocolate milk brand

They sell three products on their website: classic chocolate milk, dark chocolate milk, espresso chocolate milk.

Now, me personally, I’m a huge fan of their dark chocolate milk. Especially after a workout, it’s got 17 grams of protein, electrolytes and it just tastes damn good. 

But let’s say I’m on their site about to reorder when I hear the new episode of Tiger King dropped and I get distracted with that.

Without product segmented emails, an hour later I would get this email:


And it’s a good email, don’t get me wrong. But with product segmentation, if I had that dark chocolate in my cart, this is the email I would get:


Huge difference. The second email clearly appeals more to me, speaks to the value I see in the chocolate milk (healthy, more protein, tastes great) and it's way more likely to convince me to complete my purchase.  

Here’s how to set up product segmentation in Privy

Log into Privy. Click Emails + Texts in the top navigation. 

Click on Abandoned Cart.

Either create a new email or pick an existing email that you want to set up segmentation. 

Under Trigger Settings you’ll see a field for Product ID.


This is where you add your Product ID(s) from Shopify for the products this email pertains to. In other words, if this was Slate’s dark chocolate milk reminder email, they’d have the Product ID for their dark chocolate milk here. Now anytime someone abandons their cart with a dark chocolate milk in it, they would get the email specifically about dark chocolate.

(never thought I’d write a blog post that mentions dark chocolate eight times, but hey, here we are)

Product segmentation also works in your order follow up emails too

Let’s say you are Kettle and Fire and you sell bone broth. When someone buys the lemon ginger broth, it would be awesome if you sent a follow up email after their purchase with a recipe for that lemon ginger broth. 

And with product segmentation you can do exactly that. 

Okay, pause for a moment and think about it. I love this play so much because it’s a great way to grow your brand.

Sending a recipe as a follow up for a broth purchase is great, but no matter what you sell you can send a personalized email follow up that’ll turn your buyers into lifelong customers simply by going the extra mile for them.

And with product segmentation you can send these emails automatically. 

Amazon doesn’t do this. But you can. You can grow a loyal customer base with tactics like this. 

By the way, it works exactly the same way as the abandoned cart emails (and you set it up in the same way) just click on Order Follow-Up under Email + Texts in Privy.

Send product-specific text messages when someone abandons their cart

What’s even better than the right message at the right time with the right person? 

Well, nothing. That's every marketer's goal.

But email isn’t always the best way to deliver that message for your most loyal customers. Email open rates aren’t what they used to be. Meanwhile text messages see open rates as high as 90%.

That’s why product segmentation works with Privy Text too, so you automatically remind customers of which products they abandoned with a text message. 

If you have any questions about product segmentation just hit us up on chat. Also, note that product segmentation isn’t available in newsletter emails yet, but that’s coming soon. 

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Written by Daniel J. Murphy

Dan is a B2B marketing leader with over 7 years of experience helping SaaS startups grow. Before joining Privy, Dan was the Director of Product Marketing at Drift. He’s also worked in demand generation, brand marketing and marketing ops. Dan loves to geek out over marketing strategies and technology. He co-authored “This Won’t Scale” with Privy’s CMO, Dave Gerhardt at their previous company.

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