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How To Turn Confirmation Emails Into Your Superpower (And Drive Recurring Revenue)

By Lauren Hall
2 minute read

The Ecommerce Marketing Show_Ep 6_Wilson Hung_Blog Preview

Order confirmation emails give you information you actually want.

Yay! You ordered this new thing. But it doesn’t feel official until you get the email.

The only problem is they’re usually not that good. You don’t get any new information. You probably get a picture of the item you purchased with an order number and your address. But you already know all those things…

This is a chance for brands to stand out. And that’s exactly what Kettle & Fire does.

They turned confirmation emails into their superpower by teaching their customers about the product they just bought. How valuable is that?

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On this episode, you'll learn:

  • How 2 bloggers were responsible for 10k/month in revenue in the early days.
  • Why they made it easier for their subscribers to skip orders.
  • The value of using email to educate your customers.
  • How you can use grocery stores as a way to acquire customers for your D2C business.

What to listen for:

  • [4:35] Wilson’s initial 30-day plan with Kettle & Fire.
  • [9:32] How retail and D2C fit together in the CPG space.
  • [12:44] How can you maximize the impact of a confirmation email? (Especially if you’re a subscription business.)
  • [20:41] How to use education to guide your customers through the journey.
  • [22:57] How to measure your onboarding success.
  • [25:10] How does your online store support retail?

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