How to Find Influencers That Will Resonate With Your Target Audience Without Blowing Your Entire Budget

    By Lauren Hall
    2 minute read

    Craig HammondInfluencers can be an amazing way to drive growth for your Shopify store.

    But it’s probably not as easy as opening the floodgates and inviting people to ‘come on in!’ and submit themselves for the job.

    Because for it to really work, you have to find influencers that have an engaged audience that also happens to overlap with yours.

    So knowing how to spot the right fit for your business is key.

    Craig Hammond, the Founder & CEO of Peejamas, doubled sales with this strategy, so we wanted to find out how he made it happen.

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    On this episode, you’ll learn:

    • What to spend time on when it comes to making video content.
    • Why they only run video ads.
    • The importance of telling your story.
    • Their bar for finding the right influencers.
    • What to do about the rising cost of paid media.

    What to listen for:

    • [3:30] The Peejamas foundational story.
    • [5:40] When is the right time to start marketing?
    • [7:30] How they created their first video (that people are still watching 2 years later).
    • [14:34] How to navigate influencer marketing and find people that are the right fit for your business.
    • [23:05] Their strategy for outsourcing certain parts of the business.
    • [26:13] Why a well-defined funnel is critical.
    • [32:29] What their future marketing plan looks like.

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