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Privy for Shopify: build your email list from your shopify website

We've added another integration! If you are currently using Shopify or Shopify Plus to run your e-commerce site, you can now add the Privy email popup with just a few clicks! You'll then be able to use our website banners, popups and exit intent to turn Shopify website traffic into new email subscribers.

Privy for Shopify is an application that connects Privy with your Shopify account. Once connected, this integration automatically adds the Privy Website Widget to your store's pages. This makes it really easy to collect and convert new customers.

Install Privy for Shopify

1. Navigate to apps.shopify.com/privy.

2. Input your Shopify store URL. 

3. Click Install.

4. On the Install Privy for Shopify page, review the information and click Install Privy for Shopify

5. After that you can edit the way the popup and banners look on your site by clicking the "edit widget" pencil icon in your Privy campaign dashboard.

Once connected, Privy for Shopify will add the Privy Website Widget to all of your store pages. In your Privy Dashboard, you can enable online redemption for added tracking from claim to purchase.

For more information about Privy click here.

Posted by Alex Meyer



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