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Abandoned Cart Email

An abandoned cart email is an automated email that is sent to someone who has items in their cart but did not complete their purchase.

On average, 70% of carts are abandoned. Abandoned cart emails are a must-have in your ecommerce email marketing arsenal because they can account for revenue that would have been lost if those people don't come back to your store to complete their purchase.  

These visitors made it so close to purchasing, showing clear intent. And sometimes all it takes is a little nudge to get them over the edge... just think about all the times you’ve abandoned your cart (and why).

When to send abandoned cart emails? 

Here’s our abandoned cart email playbook to help you save more carts:

  • Email #1: Goes out 1 hour after abandonment
  • Email #2: Goes out 24 hours after abandonment
  • Email #3: Goes out 48 hours after abandonment

Your first email should be 100% customer support driven and come from you, the founder.

In your 2nd and 3rd emails, you can include a unique coupon code that expires to drive urgency.

We’ve found that for every email in your abandoned cart series, you should expect to save 3-4% of carts. Which means if you have 3 emails in your series, you could save 9-12% of revenue you otherwise would’ve missed out on.

Abandoned cart email resources

Here's some of our favorite resources to get abandoned cart emails right: