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How Small Brands Sell More Online

Get more customers from your traffic (and keep them coming back) with Privy’s website conversion, email marketing, and text messaging tools.

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Privy's ecommerce marketing platform has three tools to help you sell more


Privy Convert

Grow your email list faster and increase average order size with popups, flyouts, coupons, and more.

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Privy Email

Save abandoned carts automatically and bring more people back to your store.

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Privy Text

Boost response to your campaigns with the fastest-growing new sales channel for ecommerce.

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How You Can Grow Faster with Privy:

Grow your email list with popups, flyouts, and other high-converting displays

Customize dozens of proven templates in seconds, even if you’re not exactly a tech person. Choose when and where they appear, so your visitors only get relevant (not annoying) offers.

Stop losing money on abandoned carts

With cart abandonment emails, you can sleep better knowing you’re not leaving money on the table. Set them up once and Privy will automatically give would-be customers the extra nudge they need to convert.

Get shoppers to buy more stuff (without always offering discounts)

What if every customer spent a few more dollars at your store? Use cross-sell campaigns to recommend additional products at the right time and watch average order size go up.

Retain more customers with follow-up emails that build loyalty

There’s no better time to connect with customers than right after they buy. Use follow up emails to suggest additional products, get reviews, or build loyalty with a simple thank you!

Give yourself a new way to drive sales with text messaging

Text messaging is the biggest untapped revenue driver for most stores. Want in? Privy gives you a simple, compliant way to open up a direct line to your best customers.


500,000+ businesses from 180+ countries have generated $3.9+ billion in sales with Privy. So we’re pretty sure it’ll work for you too 😊

Not using Shopify? No problem.

Privy works with every major ecommerce and website platform. Oh, and your email service provider, too! So you can plug it into your business no matter what you’re using.

Plus, all the little things that make marketing less complex


Create coupons that work seamlessly with your store


See revenue influenced right on your dashboard


Powerful reporting so you can make smart decisions


A/B test your way to higher conversions


Capture phone numbers with 100% compliance


18K Five Star reviews say it’s easy to use

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Privy was named one of Inc's fastest growing companies in America

If there’s one stat every ecommerce store should pay attention to, it’s this…

Out of the 12+ million stores online, only 8% will sell more than $1,000 in products this year.

Yup—while it’s easier than ever to build an online store (thanks, Shopify!), it’s harder than ever to grow it.

Specifically, most ecommerce brands have two challenges with growth:

  1. Getting people to make their first purchase.
  2. Getting the people who do make their first purchase to come back and buy again (and again and again).

That’s why we built Privy—to give small and growing ecommerce brands like yours a leg-up against competition that’s growing by the day.

Ecommerce is a unique category, and you shouldn’t have to settle for tools built with other businesses in mind. With Privy Convert, Email, and Text, everything is geared to just work for ecommerce. You’ve already got 1,000 things to do—wrestling with overly complicated marketing tools doesn’t need to get added to the list.

So whether you’re already putting in time and dollars to bring traffic to your store or you’re just getting started, make sure you’re prepared to make the most of it.

“Customer in, customer out” doesn’t have to be the norm. I’d love for you to give Privy a try (you can do it free!) and see the difference the right tools can make.


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Ben Jabbawy

CEO & Founder of Privy

Get The Marketing Tools You Need To Get More Customers


Privy Convert

Convert more site visitors and grow your email list with Privy Pop Ups.


Privy Email

Bring customers back and drive sales with automated emails and newsletters.


Privy Text

Send timely messages and notifications with the first SMS tool built for small & medium ecommerce stores.