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The ROI of Using Privy


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In revenue generated per email captured via Privy in first 90 days since upgrade.


In revenue generated from new email contacts for every dollar spent on Privy displays.


Email signups for Privy users running more than one display vs. those who aren't.


ROI on Privy Email based cart recovery alone.


Cart recovery rate on Privy abandoned cart emails.

Average signups in the first 90 days for Privy paying customers

Up to 10,000 Monthly Page Views  1,103
Up to 25,000 Monthly Page Views 2,080
Up to 50,000 Monthly Page Views 5,145
Up to 100,000 Monthly Page Views 6,023
Up to 200,000 Monthly Page Views 10,786

*Privy customers who upgraded in August 2019

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