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Grow Sales With Privy Email

Privy Email is the fastest way to setup email automation for your Shopify store. With Privy Email you can:

• Send professional-looking newsletters, promotions, and updates to stay in front of customers.
• Save 10-20% of abandoned carts to recover more revenue.
• Set yourself up for repeat sales with order follow up emails. 
• See how email marketing impacts your bottom line with automatic reporting.

• Save time by managing your website conversion and email marketing all in one app.

Plus, Privy Email has already helped 7,000+ merchants save $18M in abandoned cart revenue. See how Privy can help you sell more 24/7.


Grow your sales


Why Privy Email?


1. Send newsletters.

Communication is key if you want to retain customers. Privy’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to send on-brand emails that bring them back again and again.


2. Save abandoned carts.

Set up exit intent popups and cart abandonment emails to recover more carts. With Privy, you can sleep better knowing you're not leaving money on the table. 


3. Automate your emails.

The fastest way to setup email automation for your Shopify store. Recover abandoned carts, send order follow ups and autoresponder messages all from one place.

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4. Set yourself up for repeat sales.

Leave a lasting impression every time a customer buys. Whether you want to say thanks, ask for reviews, or suggest related products, order follow-ups do it for you automatically.

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5. Send automatic coupon reminders.

It happened again: someone signed up for a coupon (hooray!) but didn’t buy (bummer). No worries—Privy can automatically remind them to use the coupon with a series of friendly emails.

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6. See how email impacts your bottom line.

In ecommerce, every email you send should drive new sales for your business. With Privy Email you'll know exactly how many sales you've driven with your newsletter or automated abandoned cart emails.

Privy Is The #1 Reviewed App For Sales In The Shopify App Store

18,000 5-Star Reviews on the Shopify App Store

Privy Email Helps You Sell More 24/7

With pricing starting at $13/month, Privy Email makes it easy to start.