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Introducing a better way to capture phone numbers with Privy

Collect phone numbers easily from shoppers with the new Privy phone field. Follow-up with timely offers via our integrations with Klaviyo, RetentionRocket, PostScript, Iterable, and Attentive.

But that's not all...

Coming soon: Privy Text!


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December 2019 Product Updates

Increase your open rates with email preview text.

Now, in Privy, you can tease the contents of your email with email preview text. What's email preview text? You might not know it by name, but I bet you'll know it when you see it. Here's an example👇

preview text

According to Litmus, 24% of respondents look at an email's preview text first when deciding whether to open an email. The bottom line:  if you're not thinking thoughtfully about email preview text, you're losing 24% of your potential readers.

Preview text is available for your newsletters, abandoned cart emails, and order follow-up emails. Head on over to the Email editor in Privy to add preview text to your next email. 

Improvements to the On-Site Display Builder.
In December 2019, we made two enhancements to the on-site display builder.

#1) Now, you can customize the tabs for your on-site displays. Change the color or update the font to match the look and feel of your brand.

#2) When you're editing the text for your on-site displays, you no longer have to highlight the copy to change the font or color of the copy. Just select the font or the color you want and the change will be applied automatically. Easy, peasy editing. 

Happy New Year, everyone! Cheers to 2020.🍾

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November 2019 Product Updates

Introducing the new Privy phone field.

Now, you can add a phone field to your forms without having to use a custom field in Privy. The new phone field also includes a couple special features like:

  • Numeric validation meaning visitors to your site won't be able to submit the form if the field includes anything other than numbers. No more junky data 🎉.
  • Opt-in checkbox so shoppers can optionally opt-in to receive text messages from your business in the future. 

Have questions about the new phone field? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or get in touch with us any time at support@privy.com.

New validations to help you catch mistakes.

We added in a few validations (a.k.a. error messages) to help you catch any mistakes before you make them. For instance, if you forget to hit publish when you’re building a popup, we’ll now show you a reminder message. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 11.43.44 AM

Manually add contacts to Privy.

If you only have one contact to add to your database, it’s often a lot easier to just add the contact manually rather than uploading the contact via spreadsheet. Now, you can do that in Privy! Simply navigate to the Contacts tab in Privy and select the Add Contact option from the dropdown. 

Ongoing work to ensure your Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays went smoothly.

Across the Privy customer base, 8 million emails were sent through Privy, over 1 million emails were collected, and 100 million in revenue was attributed to Privy campaigns. All in two short days. Congrats on a record-breaking Black Friday and Cyber Monday! We're toasting your success🍾

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October 2019 Product Updates

Add tags upon import.

Use internal-facing tags to label your contacts upon import. Filter and segment your contacts based on relevant tags like “influencer”, “local” or “repeat customer”. Whatever makes sense to you and your business. This feature is particularly useful for customers transitioning contacts from your ESP to Privy. Learn more about common use cases for tags here.



New integration with Attentive. 

At Privy Live last month, we launched new integrations with Klaviyo, PostScript, and RetentionRocket. We’re excited to add Attentive to our list of SMS integration partners. More to come!

Manually unsubscribe contacts.

Breaking up is never easy. We don’t want to make it any worse than it already is when a contact unsubscribes. Now, you can unsubscribe contacts with the click of a button in Privy. Just navigate to the individual contact record and hit Unsubscribe.

Edit a contact's first and last name.
Hey, typos happen. But, now, when they do, you can edit a contact's first and last name directly from their individual contact record page. Or, add additional information manually once you receive it. 

Helping you stay ADA compliant.
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that all electronic and information technology must be accessible to people with disabilities. We recently completed work to ensure your campaigns are accessible for everyone.


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September 2019 Product Updates

New SMS integrations.

At Privy Live, our first ever customer conference, we announced new integrations with Klaviyo, PostScript, and RetentionRocket. This marks our first foray into SMS. We’re excited to offer our customers a new channel to connect with their customers. But, that's not all.

Coming soon: Privy SMS.

Make your abandoned cart emails pop with product images.

Now, when you drag-and-drop the cart icon into your abandoned cart emails, Privy will auto-populate your email with images of items a shopper left in their cart. Add up to 5 images per shopper. Simply navigate to the email designer to try it out!


Enhance your contact records with more data.

With our new CSV import process, you can upload attributes like a customer’s birthday, phone number and more to enhance their contact record, and then use that information to better personalize your displays and emails. You can also unsubscribe contacts in bulk. Learn more in the blog post.